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The Digital Age Opens Up New Terrains for Peace and Conflict Research

Josepha Ivanka Wessels

Zones of Peace and Conflict workshops focused on how we should define the virtual. Where is the boundary between a physical, offline reality and a digital online reality in cyberspace, and how do we distinguish between what is real and what is unreal

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Imagine Reality

Negotiating Comics with David B.'s Epileptic

Jörn Ahrens

With Epileptic, French comics artist David B. presents a graphic novel as innovative in style as it is experimental in content. In the foreground, Epileptic is an autobiographical tale about his youth overshadowed by his brother's suffering from epilepsy, but it is also the illustration of a dream-world. David B. consequently entangles the levels of reality, autobiography and dreamlike fantasy. Emphasised by the interaction of clear graphics with hard black-and-white contrasts and the use of surrealistic and medieval quotations, David B. presents a unique combination of art, narrative and abstraction.

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Transboundary river basins, their hidden realities

Edith Kauffer

. At the complete opposite of these realities, the following images show the heterogeneity of transboundary river basins at the Mexican borders, particularly in the case with Guatemala. The first picture captures the Usumacinta river at sunrise from

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TV Journalism, Infotainment, and Reality TV

“Team Wallraff,” “Undercover Boss,” and the 2014 Burger King Scandal in Germany (As Seen on TV!)

Jörg Neuheiser

by the existence of reality tv formats that use comparable techniques, such as the documentary-style representation of social interactions or the use of undercover operations, in order to represent essentially neoliberal messages about companies

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Rematerializing Martyrs and the Missing Soldiers of the Iran-Iraq War

Sana Chavoshian

, transformation, and relation. As testaments to the reality of the imagination, Corbin underlines both ‘dreaming’, particularly as an experience that we all share and that opens onto the imaginal, and the veridical nature of visionary dreams, as bearers of other

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Contradictory Concepts

An Essay on the Semantic Structure of Religious Discourses

Lucian Hölscher

The widespread opinion among conceptual historians is that political concepts are always contested in their actual usage. Religious concepts in modernity are also not only contested; they are constructed on an ontological contradiction. They imply that the object to which they refer exists, and at the same time that it does not. I demonstrate this idea using four religious concepts: religion, God, the beyond, and spirit. I conclude with discussion on the reality status of religious concepts in modern historiography and religious studies.

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The Paradox of Gender Performativity in Winnie-the-Pooh

Krishnapriya Kamalakshan and Sumathy K. Swamy

reality once again”; through repeated imitation, children become players in this performative act ( Butler 1988: 526 ). Adults involved in the field of children's books feel responsible for the books that the younger generation reads. Gender behavior, as a

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A Parallax Reality

Shaping the Present in Paul Auster's Moon Palace and In the Country of Last Things

Ira Hansen

the present in a parallax reality, where, while remaining structurally incompatible, they unite as the two sides of a Möbius strip in the characters’ embodied, lived experience. A parallax refers to a change in angle that occurs when the position

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Whose Reality Counts?

Emergent Dalitbahujan Anthropologists

Reddi Sekhara Yalamala

, 2004 , 1996 , 1989 ) but not much in terms of the role they will play in the social sciences in a G20 India. Central to this discussion is the question of whose reality counts and how low-caste anthropologists will be positioning themselves in

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Reality, Realism and the Future

Year 2021 in European Social Anthropology Journals

Anna Kruglova

innovative types of participation. The utopian character of the Five Star project transpired when the more radical members of the Movement split from the newly elected officials the moment these ideals clashed with the political realities. Aaron Ansell