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Islam as the Problem, Christianity as the Solution

Rupture and Continuity as Missionary Method for the Conversion of Iranians

Ana Maria Gomes Raietparvar

. To understand this phenomenon, we must consider not only the methods commonly used by the Christian missionary network to convert various ethnicities and Muslim groups; but also the context of discontent with the Islamic religious nationalism of the

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Eschatology, Ethics, and Ēthnos

Ressentiment and Christian Nationalism in the Anthropology of Christianity

Jon Bialecki

Christian religious nationalism, one of the products of which is now a generation of anthropologists who consider the difference that Christianity makes as a cultural, social, or ideological form ( Cannell 2006 ; see also Bialecki et al. 2008 ; Robbins

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Religious Nationalism, Strategic Detachment and the Politics of Vernacular Humanitarianism in Post-War Sri Lanka

Tom Widger


In this article, I am concerned with the ways different ethnic and religious groups in contemporary Sri Lanka use rhetorics of humanitarianism. Exploring a range of examples drawn from an inner city community, humanitarian foundations and national government, I show how different actors deploy cosmopolitan and nationalist humanitarian rhetorics to obfuscate claims of war crimes and communal favouritism on the one side, and to encourage allegiance to a national Sri Lankan identity on the other side. I introduce a concept of strategic detachment to help illuminate the ways minority groups in particular seek to cultivate distance from their contested ethnic and religious identities and in so doing re-signify their humanitarian practices as self-consciously non-partisan.

Dans cet article, nous analysons la rhétorique de l'humanitarisme utilisée par les différents groupes ethniques et religieux en Sri Lanka à l’époque contemporaine. En étudiant plusieurs exemples tirés d'une communauté située au centre-ville, des fondations humanitaires, et du gouvernement national, nous montrons les stratégies menées par les différents acteurs pour adapter la rhétorique cosmopolite, nationaliste et humanitaire. Leur but est, à la fois, d'obfusquer les prétentions concernant les crimes de guerre et du favoritisme communal, et d'encourager l'allégeance à l'identité nationale de Sri Lanka. Nous proposons un concept dit ‘strategic detachment’ (le détachement stratégique) pour illuminer les façons dont les minorités cherchent à cultiver la distance par rapport à leurs identités ethniques et religieuses, et en même temps de redéfinir clairement leurs pratiques humanitaires en termes non-partisans.

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The Ethics of Yoga and the Spirit of Godmen

Neoliberalism, Competition, and Capitalism in India

Joseph S. Alter

. A consideration of how power is embodied in the practice of yoga shows how a dynamic of fetishism provides a critical perspective on the work that competition does in the context of secular and religious nationalism. The embodiment of ‘enlightened

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Book Forum

Donna Robinson Divine, Aviel Roshwald, Arieh Saposnik, and Yossi Shain

American liberal Judaism and what he calls (a bit too broadly and nebulously) “Israeli religious nationalism.” “Reform and Conservative Jews in the United States,” he writes, have “understood that a titanic battle was underway in Israel between liberal

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Searching for an ‘Authentic Encounter’

Exploring New Conceptualisations of Pluralism in Indonesia

Dayana Lengauer

. M. 2019 . ‘ Two decades of ideological contestation in Indonesia: from democratic cosmopolitanism to religious nationalism ’, Journal of Contemporary Asia 49 : 713 – 733 . Bowen , J. R. 2003 . Islam, law, and equality in Indonesia: an

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Social Identity and Conflict Dynamics in Indian History Textbooks

Melissa DeLury

history textbooks and its connection with present conflicts. Religious Nationalism Religion has often played a role in group identity formation. Although religion itself is neutral, it can be manipulated or weaponized by individuals or groups to

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The Hyphen Cannot Hold

Contemporary Trends in Religious-Zionism

Hayim Katsman

analytical separation between the domains of religion and nationalist politics that must be bridged. The rise of religious-nationalism is by no means an exclusively Israeli phenomenon. The sociologist Rogers Brubaker (2012) identifies it as a distinctive

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Book Reviews

Scott Lasensky, Ilan Peleg, Ned Lazarus, Don Seeman, and Assaf Zimring

system, militarism, the delegitimation of multiculturalism, the rise of religious nationalism, and other phenomena. Grinberg notes, correctly, that Kimmerling emphasized Arab-Jewish relationships as key for the development of Jewish, and later Israeli

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J. D. Y. Peel

Marloes Janson, Wale Adebanwi, David Pratten, Ruth Marshall, Stephan Palmié, Amanda Villepastour, and J. D. Y. Peel

Edited by Richard Fardon and Ramon Sarró

Americans,’ but rather what Africa and the Yoruba have meant in the African American imagination” ( Peel 2014: 1713 ). Along the way, Hucks’s study of black religious nationalism and its various positions on racial separatism lay bare a continuum with