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Instrumentalising Media Memories

The Second World War According to Achtung Zelig! (2004)

Maaheen Ahmed

entertain their readers. 12 Polygraphy therefore also partakes in what Jay D. Bolter and Richard Grusin call remediation. In their seminal book, Remediation: Understanding New Media , they show how contemporary media strive simultaneously to efface all

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Brittany Kiessling and Keely Maxwell

Our article analyzes interdisciplinary literature within the social sciences on outcomes of environmental cleanups at Superfund, brownfield, and other contaminated sites. By focusing on postremediation sites and outcomes, we expand the understanding of the sociopolitical life of contaminated sites over time. First, we examine the technoscientific practices of how scientists and environmental managers seek to make cleanup outcomes legible and meaningful. Next, we engage with a wider array of literature on pollution/toxicity, uncovering circular temporalities in cleanup processes along with continuities in pollution/toxicity and in political struggle. Finally, we examine the social worlds of postremediation landscapes, drawing attention to how cleanups create new relationships among people, history, and nature. In conclusion, we identify areas of opportunity for these insights to inform the conceptualization and evaluation of cleanup outcomes in ways that better incorporate the complex dynamics of postremediation social worlds.

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Anna Beckers

as ‘remediation at best’ that ideally needs to be replaced by ‘rules for business’ created by ‘the public’ and not those created by companies themselves. My comment focuses on and questions the central assumption itself that underlies Hertz

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(Dis)Connected Rail

Infrastructural Suspension and Phatic Politics in Romania

Adrian Deoancă

to moments of indefinite suspension wherein the generative and degenerative potentials of material structures are laid bare. 6 Dwelling on suspension can provide valuable insights into practices of remediation and political affects that enable

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David G. Havlick, Marion Hourdequin, and Matthew John

Identifying appropriate restoration goals has long posed a challenge in ecological restoration. The task becomes even more difficult in settings with diverse land use histories. After two decades of remediation, a former chemical weapons facility near Denver, Colorado, has become a national wildlife refuge. Restoration efforts have isolated contaminants and restored bison and native prairie, but the site's complex history invites a deeper consideration of reference conditions. This article presents data from a visitor survey and interviews with land managers and citizen groups to examine conceptions of historical fidelity at this site. Results indicate that visitors and land managers orient toward restoration that features a traditional reference condition. Citizen groups point to restoration of cultural features as the highest priorities. This research highlights disparities between constituencies and suggests that restoration work itself may shape values that inform visitors and affirm how a landscape ought to exist.

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Antonius C. G. M. Robben

in the anthropology of violence. REFERENCES Askew , Kelly , and Richard R. Wilk . 2002 . The Anthropology of Media: A Reader . Malden, MA : Blackwell . Bolter , Jay David , and Richard Grusin . 2000 . Remediation: Understanding New Media

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Schemata in the Graphic Novel Persepolis

Accommodation, Combination, Integration

Fredrik Strömberg

Persian art forms. However, in combination, they give an indication of the processes going into the integration of these visual elements into a new art form. This leaves the question of what these remediations, that is to say, representations of one medium

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A Wolf’s Eye View of London

Dracula, Penny Dreadful, and the Logic of Repetition

Dragoş Manea

characters and novels, the television series Dracula (NBC / Sky Living, 2013–14), and Penny Dreadful (Showtime / Sky Atlantic, 2014–), paying full attention to the ways in which the series function as remediations of the novels and of Anglo

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Comics and Transnational Exchanges

Lawrence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

drawn from popular cultural sources of varying national origins and across different media. Ahmed begins with a theorisation of the notion of media memories, stressing that cultural memory is a matter not of reproducing reality but of remediation, and

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DIY, im Eigenverlag

East German Tamizdat LPs

Seth Howes

-tech and low-profile medium, rather than the dominant institution of television, to realize the drama of the collapsing state.” 38 A remediation twice over as a radio production of a stage version of an unfinished philosophico-theatrical labor, Müller