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Migrant Residents in Search of Residences

Locating Structural Violence at the Interstices of Bureaucracies

Megan Sheehan

(Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) may apply for a temporary residence visa immediately upon arrival by providing all the aforementioned documents except the work contract. After migrants have worked for two consecutive years under a work

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Mais où donc habitait Durkheim à Bordeaux?

Matthieu Béra

Cet article est le récit de l’enquête menée depuis quelques années sur les lieux d’habitations de Durkheim pendant ce qu’il est convenu d’appeler sa « période bordelaise » (1887–1902), à propos de laquelle on ne sait pas grand-chose et qui concerne pourtant la moitié la plus productive de sa carrière. De rebondissements en rebondissements, cette investigation m’a amené à faire des découvertes inattendues sur des aspects inédits de sa vie privée et à remettre en cause les maigres connaissances que nous avons à ce sujet. Certains y verront des détails ou des ajustements biographiques sans conséquence, d’autres des éléments importants pour connaître le personnage toujours mystérieux qui se dissimule derrière notre « classique favori »…

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Persistence and Disappearance of Traditional Patrilocality

Matrimonial Strategies and Postnuptial Residence Patterns in Two Eastern Siberian Communities of the Twenty-First Century

Vincent Zvénigorosky, Dariya Nikolaeva, Georgii Romanov, Aisen Solovev, Nikolai Barashkov, Éric Crubézy, Sardana Fedorova, and Christine Keyser

the postnuptial residence in two settlements of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the northeastern part of Russian Siberia and proposes explanations for the observed patterns. Iakutiia has been the theater of several colonization events, conquests, and

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Freedom of movement, governance, and conflict

Harlan Koff and Carmen Maganda

on Human Rights, “everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.” Moreover, “everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.” However, migration policies

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Desired formality

Labor migration, black markets, and the state in Chile

Sofía Ugarte

Becoming a formal worker is an essential requirement to gain legal residence as a labor migrant in Chile and the main reason why Haitians—and many Latin American migrants—purchase fake work contracts on the black market. For Haitians, finding a

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Migration, residential investment, and the experience of “transition”

Tracing transnational practices of Albanian migrants in Athens

Gerda Dalipaj

that the residences under discussion are situated on different sides of national borders and are thus affected by different state policies but continue to remain essentially interrelated with one another. The article shows, first, that the interlocutors

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Multilocality and the Politics of Space in Protracted Exile

The Case of a Palestinian Refugee Camp in the West Bank

Dorota Woroniecka-Krzyzanowska

the remembered and imagined places of origin, sites of residence in exile, and future geographies of hope or anticipation. Mainstream research on the relation between people and place in the context of forced migration focuses on the many aspects of

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Part 3: Disciplines in an active voice

Eva Infante Mora, Davydd Greenwood, Melina Ivanchikova, Carmen Castilla-Vázquez, Rafael Cid-Rodríguez, Bartolomé Miranda Díaz, and Gustavo A. Flores-Macías

consistent with the overall idea of the reform, which is an action research project carried on by the faculty, staff and students. To this end, we expect the final project to exhibit those mindsets. The role of the faculty member-in-residence in

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From breadwinner to bedridden

Vulnerable tales of a labor migrant household in Italy

Sara Bonfanti

relates the migration journey of Kiran's father and his early residence in Italy as a single male laborer up to applying for family reunion. The second section breaks through the everyday struggles of an immigrant family reunited in Italy with the violence

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Temporal Dimension of Attitudes toward Infrastructure and Opportunities for Relocation from the Northern Town

The Case of Kamchatskii Krai

Ksenia Gavrilova

not only in generation-specific patterns (young people migrate more often than aged ones) but also in correlation between the duration of dwellers’ residence and their eagerness to leave. In this article, I regard temporality as an important social