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Rianna Oelofsen

reconciliation is provided in order to elucidate his objection. In order to respond to his objection, it is necessary to expand on and clarify what could be meant by restorative justice, in general, and from an Afro-communitarian perspective in particular, and

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Sonya Atalay, Nika Collison Jisgang, Te Herekiekie Herewini, Eric Hollinger, Michelle Horwood, Robert W. Preucel, Anthony Shelton and Paul Tapsell

Edited by Jennifer Shannon

strategy to transmute negative relations into mutually beneficial ones. It is also a necessary part of restorative justice. A museum’s commitment to repatriation is a measure of its ethical integrity, an expression of its ethos, and, in Canada, an essential

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Amanda J. Reinke

When you see these juveniles being referred to restorative justice as opposed to going through the court, you see stuff—you experience stuff—you would never experience in the courtroom. First of all, you’ve got the victim and the offender facing

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Participatory Democracy in Unlikely Places

What Democratic Theorists Can Learn from Democratic Professionals

Selen A. Ercan’s and Albert W. Dzur

restorative justice. Restorative justice comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes, of course, so I am not claiming all kinds of restorative justice as examples of participatory democracy. But consider Lauren Abramson, who runs the Community Conferencing

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Amanda J. Reinke

Informal justice refers to those legal practices that are traditionally outside the purview of formal law and legal systems. Since the advent of widespread social critique in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, informal justice models have become increasingly popular and implemented in communities and within the legal system itself. The existence of informal justice mechanisms alongside and within formal justice systems in the US raises a number of questions for applied anthropologists interested in legal anthropology. In this article, I leverage four years of ethnographic fieldwork in the US to argue for the capacity of applied anthropologists to effectively work in grey juridical spaces that are beside and between the law, activism, and emerging bureaucratic regimes.

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Ethnographic Engagement with Bureaucratic Violence

Erin R. Eldridge and Amanda J. Reinke

tensions and conflicts over the bureaucratization of alternative justice practices. Working with restorative justice (RJ) practitioners, she analyzes how bureaucratic processes, such as standardizing and professionalizing these ostensibly informal conflict

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Repatriation and Ritual, Repatriation as Ritual

Laura Peers, Lotten Gustafsson Reinius and Jennifer Shannon

cultural practice and how to demonstrate respect. Their contributions call us to ceremony, to restorative justice, to engage in repatriation, and to witness how it has changed them. Peers’s article uses cases of repatriation of human remains from the Pitt

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Cutting the Face

Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Hughes

resolution ( Nader 1993 ) and restorative justice ( McLaughlin et al. 2003 ), there is much to learn from communities that have experience with such approaches. 6 This was a rhetorical flourish. The sheikh also has a diw̅an in his stone house. References

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Searching for What Is Already Found

Ivan Jablonka and the Life of a Nobody

Melanie Hawthorne

Laëtitia to her status as just an ordinary person, to enable her to become anonymous once again, to offer a kind of posthumous peace that will allow the dead to rest undisturbed. His project has some of the elements of restorative justice. A delicate

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Ming-Lun Chung

systems produce three kinds of justice appeal (restorative justice in the legal system, bystander justice in the psychological system, and school justice in the pedagogical system), which could be seen as a whole for the purpose of reconstructing more