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The Longitudinal Ethnography of Violence

Lidewyde H. Berckmoes, Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard, and Dennis Rodgers

Ethnography Probably the most extensive and systematic reflection on longitudinal ethnography is an article written by Michael Buroway (2003) in which he discusses the variable nature of what he terms “revisits,” that is to say, going back to places where

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Fatima Zahra Bessedik

psychological meanings. Jack’s anxiety about being homeless inside his old house, his literal assertion that he ‘create[s] a kind of displacement around [him] self’, invites us to delve into his private relationship with the house he revisits. 3 To achieve this

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Times of Violence

The Shifting Temporalities of Long-Term Ethnographic Engagement with Burundi

Simon Turner

, exploring how my multiple revisits have influenced my understanding of violence. I argue that such long-term ethnographic engagement can be a means of exploring the particular temporality of violence. The objective of the article is twofold. On the one hand

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Ryan Gunderson

degradation increases amid the growth of environmental attention and concern.” The purpose of this project is to revisit an old concept (ideology) and method (ideology critique) that are fruitful for explaining why society continues to degrade the environment

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Benoît Crucifix

memorable panels that keep coming back to the adult reader. 2 The aim of this article is to revisit Sterckx’s concept of the memorable panel using Josso Hamel’s contemporary graphic novel Au travail , which invites us to rethink what seems to be a somewhat

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In Fortune Fair and Foul

Happiness and Care of the Self in Sir Kenelm Digby's Letter-Book In Praise of Venetia

Paula Barros

a rule, dwell on this possibility. 38 Hence, it seems that Digby revisits and appropriates the Italian poetic tradition in a manner that was quite unique in early modern England. His letter-book is an encomium in praise of Venetia, but it is also

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Making It Up

Intergenerational Activism and the Ethics of Empowering Girls

Emily Bent

and relational boundaries of our work. In this article, I revisit several key moments with girl-activists to illustrate the complex and often contested ways in which girls and adults build activist partnerships. Moreover, I consider, in each instance

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Giving Aid Inside the Home

Humanitarian House Visits, Performative Refugeehood, and Social Control of Syrians in Jordan

Ann-Christin Wagner

visits. I revisit Boltanski’s theory of a “politics of pity” in communicating distant suffering, arguing that volunteers’ first-hand experience of Syrians’ plight and their later testimonies to a European audience cannot be studied in isolation from each

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The tasks confronting both democratic theory and practice in the contemporary global context have for some time been a major concern of Theoria. This issue revisits this concern with a focus on the scope and limits of public reason.

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This edition revisits a number of themes that have characterised Theoria as an editorial project over the past decade and points to issues that will doubtless come to shape the journal as an editorial and intellectual project in future years.