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Christiane Lemke

prominent authors have argued that the rise of right-wing populism poses a serious challenge to democracy, in the United States and elsewhere. 7 The influence of right-wing populism on international relations, however, is understudied in the political

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Jonas Rädel

In German public perceptions, right-wing populism is cast as a specifically east German problem. This article critically examines how this assumption is located within the debate on German unity. In order to clarify the sometimes-confusing arguments on German unification, two paradigmatic perspectives can be identified: German unity can be approached from a perspective of modernization, or through the lens of postcolonial critique. When it comes to right-wing populism in eastern Germany, the modernization paradigm suffers from a lack of understanding. Hence, the arguments of the postcolonial perspective must be taken seriously, particularly as the postcolonial reading can grasp the complex phenomenon of right-wing populism in east Germany, and prevent the discursive and geographic space of the region from being conquered by right-wing political actors.

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Amrita De

contemporary neoliberal political masculinities. 2 Moreover, even as right-wing populism returns in Europe, the Global North and the Global South have prompted critical scrutiny of the gendered nature of right-wing style populisms ( Starck and Sauer 2014

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The politics of affect

Perspectives on the rise of the far-right and right-wing populism in the West

Sindre Bangstad, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen, and Heiko Henkel

For the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, 29 November to 3 December 2017, we organized a double panel on anthropological perspectives on the rise of far-right and right-wing populism in Europe and the

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Interruptions: Challenges and Innovations in Exhibition-Making

The Second World Museologies Workshop, National Museum of Ethnology (MINPAKU), Osaka, December 2019

Laura Osorio Sunnucks, Nicola Levell, Anthony Shelton, Motoi Suzuki, Gwyneira Isaac, and Diana E. Marsh

“interruptions” as a point of departure to consider how paradigm shifts and local museologies can galvanize the museum sector, especially when it is confronted by the rise of right-wing populism, systemic racism, and neoliberal culture wars, intercultural

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Coalition Politics in Crisis?

The German Party System Before and After the 2017 Federal Election

Frank Decker and Philipp Adorf

stage and backdrop for the rise of the Nazi party between 1925 and 1932. At the same time, the parliamentary emergence of right-wing populism in Germany represents a kind of European “normalization,” as ideologically similar parties have become

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The “Alternative for Germany”

Factors Behind its Emergence and Profile of a New Right-wing Populist Party

Frank Decker

The Advent of a New Challenger in the German Party System 1 For most of its history, the Federal Republic of Germany has proven to be a blank space on the map of European right-wing populism. While some right-wing populist and extremist parties have

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A New Blue-Collar Force

The Alternative for Germany and the Working Class

Philipp Adorf

opposition party in the Bundestag (after a renewed grand coalition was agreed upon). 2 One might be forgiven for wondering what these two simultaneous developments—the demise of social democracy and the rise of right-wing populism—have to do with one another

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Radical Right-Wing Populists in Parliament

Examining the Alternative for Germany in European Context

Lars Rensmann

of radical right-wing populism are absent. 48 Entering party politics as a “single-issue” movement, 49 Robert Grimm argues that the initial AfD should be classified as a “partially Eurosceptic party” pursuing an ordoliberal policy critique of the

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Mirko M. Hall

“high degree of abstraction and differentiation” 80 on the part of the audience to decode. Engaging Right-Wing Populism As central and eastern Europe re-experiences a wave of right-wing populism, citizens need to once again be vigilant against