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Routinization of the Israeli-Arab Conflict

The Perspective of Outsiders

Soli Vered and Daniel Bar-Tal

This study explores features of the routinization of the Israeli-Arab conflict in everyday life in Israel. Specifically, it examines how foreign students view this aspect of the culture of conflict, compared to the point of view of Israeli students born into the day-to-day reality of a society that has been engaged in an intractable conflict for decades. Findings show that foreigners perceived and identified various conflict-related routines that have been absorbed into the social and physical spaces of daily life in Israel, becoming unnoticeable to Israelis. This was the case particularly with various images and symbols of the conflict that saturate both public and private spaces, conflict-related informal norms of behavior, and the central place that the conflict occupies in private interpersonal discourse. These results are discussed in relation to the functionalities of the routinization of the conflict and its implications.

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The Way a Language Changes

How Historical Semantics Helps Us to Understand the Emergence of the English Exchequer

Ulla Kypta

The article argues that it is not only useful to study the changing meanings of concepts, but also to analyze the way these concepts changed their meaning over time. As a case study, I analyze the transformation of the language of the earliest surviving accounts of the yearly auditing process in England, the pipe rolls from the twelfth century. The language changed gradually and continually, without guidance or a plan. It is highly likely that the language was learned while the pipe rolls were written. Thus, the clerks could easily close their circle. This led to a strong sense of belonging and self-consciousness, which can be affirmed by other contemporary sources, and which laid the foundation for the accounting procedures that became a long-lasting organization.

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Lockdown and the Global Disruption of Intimacies with Routine, Clock Time, and the Intensification of Time-Space Compression

Rebecca Irons

temporalities of routine and order, and forces us to question the intimate relationship that we may have with how we structure our daily lives around a clock and a timesheet. Importantly, this enforced restructuring of time may incite us to revisit the

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“To Tell It as We Know It”

Black Women's History and the Archive of Brexit Britain

Kennetta Hammond Perry

racialization of the boundaries of Britishness and the discursive (re)bordering of the nation in the context of decolonization. 9 Beneath the veneer of an appeal to exercise national self-determination and “take back control” of borders, Brexiteers routinely

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Between Conflicting Systems

An Ordinary Tragedy in Now-Capitalist Albania

Matthew Rosen

something be both routine and tragic at the same time? – recalls for me one of the more uncomfortable ironies of classic (salvage) and contemporary (urgent) ethnography. That is, as I have remarked elsewhere ( Rosen 2019 ), that what is conceptually or

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The White Cotton Robe

Charisma and Clothes in Tibetan Buddhism Today

Magdalena Maria Turek

, I would classify charismatic Khampa lamas into two categories. In the first, charisma is routinized and institutionalized in the status of a reincarnate master or trülku (sprul sku). 1 The second category concerns individuals who climb the ladder

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Hydrologic Habitus

Wells, Watering Practices, and Water Supply Infrastructure

Brock Ternes and Brian Donovan

water connections in the urban households of Europe and the United States starting around 1860, bathing moved from public bathhouses to private households; it became a routine associated with private, leisurely cleaning and relaxation. In the following

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Jennifer A. Thompson, Sarah L. Fraser, Rocio Macabena Perez, Charlotte Paquette, and Katherine L. Frohlich

social life and routine. Many girls and young women echoed the opening lines of EB's cellphilm about feeling unmotivated during lockdown. Marianne (19) found that having fewer activities affected her sleep. She said, “Even though my schedule is less busy

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Politicizing Elsewhere(s)

Negotiating Representations of Neo-Pentecostal Aesthetic Practice in Berlin

Dominik Mattes

. “‘Ritual’ has deeper meaning than ‘routine’ in spiritual documents,” he insisted in an e-mail, and asked me to consistently stick to the latter term. This terminological restriction has complicated my writing about the church ever since. Numerous times

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Conjuring “the people”

The 2013 Babylution protests and desire for political transformation in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Larisa Kurtović

suspension of the law regulating the issuing of “JMBG” numbers, 2 personal identifiers used in nearly all administrative encounters between citizens and the state. The interruption of this routine process eventually became a life-threatening problem for