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Durkheim's Two Theories of Sacrifice

Ritual, Social Change and Les Formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse

Melissa Ptacek

Durkheim's interest in sacrifice can be traced back to early texts such as his thesis on the division of labour, in which he was sometimes concerned with it as a religious rite, sometimes as a moral act, but also and not least as both. For example

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The Death Throes of Sacrificed Chicken

Triggering Critical Reflexive Stances on Ritual Action in Togo

Marie Daugey

This article aims to shed light on a divination episode, which most blood sacrifices begin with in many West African societies, by examining how this ritual practice is carried out among the Kabye of northern Togo and by analyzing it in relation to

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Sacrifice/Martyrdom in Lady Lumley’s Iphigenia and Contemporary Palestine

Bilal Tawfiq Hamamra

. Clytemnestra’s maternal, moral and authoritative voice challenges and interrogates those of the male figures. While Iphigenia’s voluntary death, dramatized as a substitute for marriage, can be read as a validation of patriarchal voices her sacrifice exposes the

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De L'éclaircissement sur le sacrifice de Joseph de Maistre à la ‘révélation’ de Durkheim

Flavien Bertran de Balanda and Matthieu Béra

, ou plus tard dans son article de 1898 sur la prohibition de l'inceste qui insistait pourtant sur le sang (il est vrai qu'il s'agissait du tabou des menstrues, et non pas du sang versé par la guerre, ni du sang des sacrifices humains et animaux évoqués

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Ahimsa, identification and sacrifice in the Gujarat pogrom

Parvis Ghassem‐Fachandi

Central Gujarat is often called the ‘laboratory of Hindutva’. This paper examines how complicity during the Gujarat pogrom in 2002 was tied to an imagery of sacrifice invoked through a language of ritual and diet. By means of the spectacle of uncanny terrorism, the deployment of sacrificial language, rumours of abduction of young women, and circulation of images of excess, a Hindu victim was mimetically constructed through Muslim victimisation. , initially deployed as an ethical critique of the violence of sacrifice, was transformed into an element of violent identification contributing to widespread complicity among residents of the city of Ahmedabad.

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Human Sacrifice and the Loss of Transformative Power

Eleanor Rimoldi

Sacrifice is an act and a concept of considerable importance to contemporary conflict. However, interpretations of the role and nature of sacrifice vary historically, culturally, and situationally. This article discusses the various ways that sacrifice has been interpreted in the anthropological literature, including an analysis of forms of conflict, negotiation, and sacrifice pertaining to Bougainville. Professional conciliators and government emissaries negotiating a solution to the Bougainville conflict brought into play ideologies and processes they often claimed were based on an understanding of indigenous ways of resolving conflict. A critical assessment of this claim discusses the possible effects of the co-option of ritual and traditional means of negotiation and considers what is lost in translation.

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Regenerating Life in the Face of Predation

A Study of Mortuary Ritual as Sacrifice among the Siberian Chukchi

Jeanette Lykkegård and Rane Willerslev

is not overtaken by tannit . This life-generating mortuary ritual is the focus of this article. Enacted as a ritual blood sacrifice, the Chukchi mortuary ritual serves to transform an ordinary death—which is perceived as a bad death—into a good

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Blood and the City

Animal Representations and Urban (Dis)orders during the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ in Istanbul and Khartoum

Alice Franck, Jean Gardin, and Olivier Givre

Sacrifice as a ‘Human–Animal Relationship’ Among the diverse ways of killing animals for human purposes, 1 sacrifice occupies a singular place due to its generally strongly ritualised character, but also to its widespread presence in most diverse

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From India to Australia and Back Again

An Alternative Genealogy of The Elementary Forms of Religious Life

Sondra L. Hausner

references to Vedic ritual or Hindu sacrifice not only as additional cases to build up his stores of data, but as the textual, and contextual, perhaps abstract but fundamentally conceptual, material that precisely suggested to him a model of relational

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The Good, the Bad, and the Dead

The Place of Destruction in the Organization of Social Life, Which Means Hierarchy

Frederick H. Damon

something often understood as accumulation. Although it is given different meanings, the place of sacrifice in human organization cannot be contested. From the Moche in coastal Peru to the Cahokia proximate to contemporary St. Louis, pre-Columbian American