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Scott Gunther

This article examines the political style and rhetoric of the Manif pour tous (MPT), the main organization opposing same-sex marriage in France, from summer 2013 to the present. It exposes how the MPT’s style and rhetoric differ from those of their American counterparts, and what this tells us about the different strategies of political movements in France and the United States generally. It is based on an analysis of the language used by activists whom I interviewed in 2014 and 2015 and on a discourse analysis of the MPT’s website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and press releases since 2013. This analysis of the distinctive features of the MPT brings to light underlying concerns about French identity in the face of globalization. In other words, for the MPT and its members, what is at stake is not just same-sex marriage but the very definition of Frenchness.

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Giuseppe Marcocci

In 1578, a same-sex community that gathered in a church, performing marriages between men, was discovered in Rome. Documentary evidence now verifies this story, reported by many sources, including a passage of Michel de Montaigne's Travel Journal, but which was for a long time denied by scholars. While briefly reconstructing this affair, this article explores the complex emotional regime surrounding the episode. In particular, it argues that those who participated in the ceremonies did so not only as an expression of affection for their partners, but also in an attempt to legitimize their relationships in a rite that imitated the Counter-Reformation sacrament of marriage. This approach challenges the predominant historiography on the birth of homosexuality and helps us to better understand the sentiments of those who were part of a same-sex community in Renaissance Rome.

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Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

or the imminent legalization of same-sex marriage seemed highly unlikely. Adding to this probability was the decision by the Green Party not to place lgbti rights activist and long-time Member of the Bundestag, Beck, on their party list following

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Giulia Maria Cavaletto

In May 2016, the Italian Parliament passed Law No. 76/2016 titled “Regulations of Civil Unions between Persons of the Same Sex and Discipline of Cohabitation.” The law provides for same-sex marriages and also introduces rights and protections to unmarried cohabitants. It followed on from a decision of the European Court of Human Rights, which in July 2015 condemned Italy for its legislative gap with respect to homosexual unions. Civil unions have since become a new public institution that regulates the rights and obligations of all couples living together without marriage, whether homosexual or any other type of couple. The legislation contains some gray areas: it excludes the possibility of stepchild adoption by homosexual couples and does not allow the adoption of children by unmarried heterosexual couples. Nonetheless, the civil union represents a key step toward the achievement of equality by recognizing new ways of being a family.

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A Woman Would Marry a Woman

Reading Sifra on Lesbianism

Laliv Clenman

, remarkably, of an explicit ban on same-sex marriage between women. Notably, when Maimonides sought to proscribe sexual relationships between women in his medieval Mishneh Torah , the only source he could marshal in support of his project was this prohibition

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Talking My Way In

Reflections on the Journey of a Lesbian Feminist Queer Rabbi

Elli Tikvah Sarah

Caleb. 18 And so: to equal marriage. Turning my attention, first, to the wider issue of establishing an egalitarian, inclusive Jewish sexual ethic, 19 I have been championing same-sex marriage since 1996, and initial treatment of the issue was published

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Mixed Message Media

Girls’ Voices and Civic Engagement in Student Journalism

Piotr S. Bobkowski and Genelle I. Belmas

of student journalists in our survey reported being unable to address this topic in their student media. Similarly, while the Supreme Court's endorsement of same-sex marriage was one of the central news stories the summer prior to our survey, 15

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Allison Macleod

evidence of Scotland’s largely supportive social climate and recent developments in Scottish LGBTQ culture. In 2014 same-sex marriage was legalized in Scotland and since 2005 Scotland has celebrated LGBT History Month with events, activities, and

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Eric Langenbacher

—similar sentiments in most western countries have been observed and largely explain the rise in support for various populist movements. Second, in a surprising move given her years of opposition, Merkel allowed the Bundestag to vote on same-sex marriage in late June

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“I Love You, Guys”

A Study of Inclusive Masculinities among High School Cross-Country Runners

Luis Morales and Edward Caffyn-Parsons

. 2016 ). Acceptance of homosexuality is most stark among eighteen- to twenty-nine-year-olds, 73 percent of whom approve of same-sex marriage. IMT argues that this gradual decrease of homophobia has led to a decrease in homohysteria in much of Anglo