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John Moores

The German journal London und Paris called James Gillray 'the foremost living artist in his genre, not only amongst Englishmen, but amongst all European nations'. Despite the scholarly attention he has attracted, many of Gillray's individual works have yet to receive rigorous analysis. One such neglected print is National Conveniences (1796), assumed to be a crude, straightforward expression of national supremacy. However, a closer reading shows Gillray employing the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau both to undermine notions of English superiority and to assail a particular personal adversary. With this reading in mind, we can reassess references to Rousseau in Gillray's other prints, and propose a new direction from which to approach his greater oeuvre.

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Ophelia Is Not Dead at 47

An Interview with Nabyl Lahlou

Khalid Amine and Nabyl Lahlou

Translator : Katherine Hennessey

as Macbeth and Hamlet, and with two actresses. This time, for the classical Arabic version, I wanted to cast Sophia Hadi and Nadia Niazi. Certain lines, replete with scatological words and phrases that would be provocative in an Arab Muslim society

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The True Story of Gundagai’s Dog on the Tuckerbox

Tourists, Truth, and the Insouciance of Souvenirs

Richard White

bullocky whose team had become bogged “nine miles from Gundagai.” There then followed a litany of further calamities until, to cap it all off, his dog “sat” on the tuckerbox in which he kept his food. But there was always a more scatological climax to the

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Considerations on the Assassination of William Shakespeare

Richard Wilson

, Alchemy and the Creative Imagination ’, 12 continues the Prof. ‘The man who wrote the plays didn’t need Freud to tell him where to deposit his secret’. He pauses to sip tea, having delivered this scatological truism, then throws me a confidential look. ‘I

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Kate Myers

of increasingly infantile regressions. Walser abandons his adult life and his career as a journalist to run away with the circus as a clown whose performances become ever more infantile, perverse and scatological. The clowns imagine their state to be

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Looking Awry at Georgian Caricature

Lacan and the Satirists

David Morgan

his ‘trick’ on the slumbering figure of a schoolboy version of John Bull, sleeping oblivious below. The ‘trick’ in question is scatological: the schoolboy ‘Pitt’ has his breeches down and is defecating upon the recumbent figure of John Bull. Figure

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Challenging Hegemonic Patriarchy

A Feminist Reading of Arab Shakespeare Appropriations

Safi M. Mahfouz

when they start using vulgar words and rhetoric replete with references to obscenity, scatology and the lower bodily stratum to satirise the country's political and societal status quo. The sketches improvised by the two paralysed actresses seem absurd