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Bodies with Objects in Space through Screens

Casual Virtuality and the Self-Mediation of Laura Paolini's Constraining Aesthetics

Jakub Zdebik


Constraining aesthetics are central to Laura Paolini's artistic corpus, involving the relationship of her body to everyday objects in confined spaces during the time of the pandemic. Paolini creates a self-reflexive simulacrum of artistic experience of body, objects, and space through the interface of digital screens. This article seeks to elaborate how the elements of body, objects, and space in performance, video, and installation art are part of a screenic embodiment when read through the concepts of habit (Walter Benjamin), proprioception (Brian Massumi), allegory (Craig Owens), mediation (Fredric Jameson), and documentation (Amelia Jones).

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Beyond the Edges of the Screen

Longing for the Physical ‘Spaces Between’

Alyssa Grossman and Selena Kimball

examine how particular types of screen-mediated interactions during this pandemic were reconfiguring our own experiences of environmental and spatial intimacy. Our interest in this subject is rooted in the broader disciplines with which we are involved

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The Aesthetic of Grotesque in Lu Yang's Delusional Mandala and Delusional World

Gabriel Remy-Handfield

change and that a proliferation of screens mediates our world. After its creation, the complete body is scanned and it can subsequently engage in a virtual choreography to the throbbing sound of electronic music. 6 Lu Yang Delusional Mandala is a rich

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The politics of affect

Perspectives on the rise of the far-right and right-wing populism in the West

Sindre Bangstad, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen, and Heiko Henkel

intricate division of labor that sustains it are revealed. Rather than extravagant public spectacles exalting atavistic forms of leadership, what has emerged is a recursive, screen-mediated fascism that orchestrates—with the aid of bots and trolls

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Other Sides

Loving and Grieving with Heart of a Dog and Merleau-Ponty's Depth

Saige Walton

interest in the medium of cinema. 4 Citing the philosopher's description of Lascaux, Carbone maintains that cinema is another medium that we “see according to, or with,” without mistaking its screen-mediated vision for one's own ( Carbone 2015, 3

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Military-Police Fusion at the Southern Border

Chava Brownfield-Stein

insurgencies, popular uprisings, terrorist threats, and undocumented immigration ( HaCohen 2018 ). Along the border with the Gaza Strip, Israel is developing a border control strategy that relies on a combination of traditional combat battalions and screen-mediated

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Book Reviews

Wyatt Moss-Wellington, Dooley Murphy, Robert Sinnerbrink, and Kirsten Moana Thompson

”—by far the longest—offers the meat of the book and finds Rossouw on sturdier ground, unpacking the many possible screen-mediated transformations that lurk in the propositions of film philosophers. The chapter systematically proceeds through Rossouw's key

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Handover Bodies in a Feminist Frame

Two Hong Kong Women Filmmakers’ Perspectives on Sex after 1997

Gina Marchetti

sexual citizens with the aim of understanding the limitations of and possibilities for female self-expression in the HKSAR. Screens mediate women’s sexual desires and gender identities. The domestic nature of the television screen and the intimate contact

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Affective Anachronisms, Fateful Becomings

Otaku Movement and the Joan of Arc Effect in Type-Moon's Transhistorical Anime Ecology

David John Boyd

reminder of screenic mediation by negation. As Penthesilea asserts its denial of mediatic touch, I can anticipate the intensities of her iconoclastic expressions of rage and desire. Like in Heinrich von Kleist's play, “Penthesilea, for her part, cannot

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Fascism at eye level

The anthropological conundrum

Douglas R. Holmes

Faces of Fascism” Ernst Nolte (1966) so astutely portrayed, contemporary fascism has countless faces. And rather than extravagant public spectacles exalting atavistic forms of leadership, what has emerged is a recursive, screen-mediated fascism that