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Mobilizing Malian-Diasporic Identities

How Southern News Websites Facilitate Non-sedentarist Discourses on African Migration

Syntia Hasenöhrl

Whereas identities in postmodern societies are increasingly celebrated as mobile and fluid for agents from the Global North, agents from African societies face sedentarizing discourses. Recent research has shown that digital media play an ambivalent role in this process. This article explores the circulation of migration-related news on a Malian-diasporic online news portal during the month of December 2016. It argues that Southern online news and user interactions with them can mobilize African identity constructions in opposition to sedentarist hegemonic discourses in three ways: (1) the traveling of articles across space reconstructs the complexities of Malian mobilities; (2) user profiling and interactions produce non-sedentarist narratives about mobile Malians; and (3) the circulation of specific expressions and content questions fixed connections of identities and territories.

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Conservation-Induced Resettlement

The Case of the Baka of Southeast Cameroon—A Variation on the Habitual Mobility–Immobility Nexus

Harrison Esam Awuh

, the Baka have been forced to settle in villages alongside the sedentary and dominant Bantu groups. 9 After their forced displacement, resettlement, and sedentarization, the Baka have fallen victim to marginalization by the state and other ethnic

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Temporality of Movements in the North

Pragmatic Use of Infrastructure and Reflexive Mobility of Evenkis and Dolgans

Vladimir N. Davydov

sedentarization project. In addition, many settlements have been created as part of industrial development projects, like, for instance, a military settlement with the name Kosistyi in Taimyr, or geologists’ villages in the northern Baikal area, such as Chaia

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Anna Bara and Erika Monahan

“began to unravel Kazakh society from within.” 1 Although the “Little October” campaign looked in many ways to Moscow like a success, it worked against the center's goal of sedentarization because so many Kazakhs resorted to flight (96). On the heels of

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Narratives of the Invisible

Autobiography, Kinship, and Alterity in Native Amazonia

Vanessa Elisa Grotti and Marc Brightman

focusing on the Trio. The Trio and Wayana are swidden horticulturalists who, prior to contact and sedentarization, 2 lived in smaller, semi-nomadic cognatic groups of about 30 people, which usually settled alongside creeks and maintained a powerful

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Gramsci in and beyond resistances

The search for an autonomous political initiative among a subaltern group in the Beninese savanna

Riccardo Ciavolella

gradual sedentarization. Some newcomers from eastern Benin and northern Nigeria managed to keep their cattle and a transhumant herding system but are meanwhile starting farming as well. With sedentarization, Fulani communities in Donga have had to accept a

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J. Eugene Clay and Anna Bara

to “civilize” the nomadic Kazakhs. While the church had abortively implemented a program of sedentarization in the early twentieth century, it was the erstwhile seminarian Joseph Stalin who successfully forced them to settle into farms, at an enormous

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Home and Away

Place Appreciation and Purposeful Relocation in Later Life

Neil Thin

. and E. A. Roth ( 2009 ), As Pastoralists Settle: Social, Health, and Economic Consequences of the Pastoral Sedentarization in Marsabit District, Kenya ( New York : Kluwer ). González , B. M. ( 2005 ), ‘ Topophilia and Topophobia: The Home as

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Making Sense of the Remote Areas

Films and Stories from a Tundra Village

Petia Mankova

important. As Joachim Otto Habeck (2013) shows, the process of sedentarization in Central Siberia consisted of different scales of movement. He describes not only changes in settlement relocation measured in hundreds of kilometers but also the transition

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“Containers, Carriers, Vehicles”

Three Views of Mobility from Africa

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Jeroen Cuvelier, and Katrien Pype

this context of enforced sedentarization, knowledge and practice become disconnected. 15 For the Baka, mobility is a constitutive feature of masculinity, of living with the human environment, and of knowledge acquisition. The article shows the types of