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Sarah Hill

regulatory social function in that there is a connection between the discursive construction of selfie practice and the negative perception of selfie takers” that reflects “contemporary norms and anxieties, particularly relating to the behaviour of women

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“Stumbling Upon Feminism”

Teenage Girls’ Forays into Digital and School-Based Feminisms

Crystal Kim and Jessica Ringrose

) . Research on selfie culture suggests that social media networks can “‘empower the users to exercise free speech, practice self-religion, express spiritual purity, improve literacy, and form strong interpersonal connections’” ( Senft and Baym 2015: 1593

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Hanna Retallack

move beyond media panics, the discourse remains one of ubiquitous hypersexualization. A fissure is made between “learning to be sexually desirable” (as represented in selfie culture) and “exploring [one’s] own desire” (43) that falls into easy subject

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Making Friends

Refugees and Volunteers in Germany

Joachim C. Häberlen

trust you—do you trust me? Give me a hug.” At first, he stood there—and nothing happened. So, he waited and waited. After a while, someone came, only to take a selfie with Alshater, but without hugging him. But, then, things changed. An ever

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Sharing Images, Spoiling Meanings?

Class, Gender, and Ethics in Visual Research with Girls

Janet Fink and Helen Lomax

has considered, there may be similarities between the girls’ photograph and images that young people might post of themselves online. However, unlike the social media selfie, which can be deleted by its creator (notwithstanding that records may still

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Terms of Silence

Weaknesses in Corporate and Law Enforcement Responses to Cyberviolence against Girls

Suzanne Dunn, Julie S. Lalonde and Jane Bailey

German Hate Speech Laws .” New York Times , 28 November . Senft , Theresa , and Nancy Baym . 2015 . “ What Does the Selfie Say? Investigating a Global Phenomenon .” International Journal of Communication 9 : 1588 – 1606 . Shariff , Shaheen

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Redefining Representation

Black Trans and Queer Women’s Digital Media Production

Moya Bailey

the motivations behind Smith’s murder. Furthermore, this photograph of Smith appears to be a selfie, a picture she took herself as her shoulder is slightly raised to provide the proper angle. By selecting an image that Smith may have taken herself

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“This Is My Story”

The Reclaiming of Girls’ Education Discourses in Malala Yousafzai’s Autobiography

Rosie Walters

, Ofra , Shani Orgad , and Rosalind Gill . 2015 . “ Girl Power and ‘Selfie Humanitarianism’ .” Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 29 ( 2 ): 157 – 168 . doi:10.1080/10304312.2015.1022948 . Moeller , Kathryn . 2014 . “ Searching

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Elizabeth Mazzola

selfie’ is described in Book 3 of The Faerie Queene , where Spenser uses a magic mirror hidden within a king’s closet to picture for us a young woman staring at ‘a world of glas’ outside the poem ( 5 In this case, the poet employs one

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Jablonka et la question du sujet en sciences sociales

Le cas de Laëtitia ou la fin des hommes

Nathan Bracher

’en faire connaître /et aimer. Chaque selfie de Laëtitia est désir d’être admirable, espoir de compter pour quelqu’un, satisfaction d’exister en tant que telle et d’être vue par un ‘public’ d’amis 56 . » Le livre tout entier ne cesse de nous apprendre à ne