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James K. Beggan

(e.g., Larsson 2014 ). By making visible that which has been previously opaque, external ejaculation allows for the conceptualization of semen as a form of contamination that is projected from the male onto the female body and, in doing so, creates a

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Sohini Saha

'Flaherty 1969 ). “A paradoxical relationship of sexuality and asceticism in which the energy of sexuality is intensified by its denial, seen particularly in the retention of semen, is frequently associated with the character of Siva” ( Elgood 2000: 45 ). Siva is

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Herng-Dar Bih

masturbation (without ejaculation) or may have experienced semen release not from ejaculation. As a result, studies fragment ejaculation and associated experiences into independent categories, thus losing the broader narrative in which ejaculation may develop

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Bodies, Sexualities, and Masculinities in the Time of Coronavirus

Jonathan A. Allan, Chris Haywood, and Frank G. Karioris

relationships in a time of COVID-19? Headline after headline spoke about sex and COVID-19. WebMD reported that a study found that “you can't get Coronavirus through sex” ( Preidt 2020 ). Interestingly, the study is based on “semen samples from 34 men in China an

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Egor Antonov and Venera Antonova

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

(Viliuiskaia hydropower station); scholars Nikolai Cherskii and Yuri Shafer; the writers Semen and Sofron Danilov’s, Ivan Gogolev, and Semen Kurilov; the artists Afanasii Munkhalov and Afanasii Osipov; the singers Anegina Il’ina, Matvei Lobanov, Ivan Stepanov

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Beyond the Body

Guillaume Dustan and the Poetics of Materialization

Michael Valinsky

of projection and subjectivity that enables the reader to receive the word-semen that Dustan smears all over the page. As it hits the page, the word-semen seeps into the space of reading, giving the page a skin-like texture, the reader can reinvest

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‘Atomic Bombs’ in Monrovia, Liberia

The Identity and Stigmatisation of Ebola Survivors

Emilie Venables

recent, updated guidelines (published as this article was being written) provide more information and research into the sexual transmission of the virus: Recent data suggest that Ebola virus can persist in the semen of males for a year or more after acute

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Bath Houses

The Shared Space between Athens and Jerusalem

Lev Taylor

should be separated. Rather, his argument is that the bathhouse is far too embodied to be considered spiritual. He draws attention to semen, urine and human waste in the bathhouse as signifiers that the statue of Aphrodite cannot really be considered

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Ward Keeler

retreat. Some of the Texas yogis were happy to engage in short-term, casual sexual play: a fair bit of semen got spilled around a picnic table in an endeavor I as an accidental bystander had to make some effort not to judge harshly. (It does not surprise

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Resisting the Demand to Stand

Boys, Bathrooms, Hypospadias, and Interphobic Violence

Celeste E. Orr

will solve this problem. For example, according to Progyny, “hypospadia is a birth defect … [in which] the opening of the urethra …, which is normally found on the tip of the penis, is located instead on its underside … Since the urethra carries semen