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Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

countrymen and women have enjoyed. 2 Sexual minorities are just that, a very small—and, at times, disliked—portion of the electorate, and parties may see little utility to courting their votes. Instead, many advances in lgbti rights in Germany and

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Liz Morrish and Helen Sauntson

This special issue sets out to investigate a number of areas of concern, regarding gender and sexuality, which are identifiable in the current British higher education environment. We argue that current dominant 'neoliberal' discourses, which emphasise the commodification of higher education in the U.K., function to set limits upon 'equality'. While these discourses often suggest a widening of opportunities within higher education, with an emphasis upon unlimited individual freedom and choice, the lived experience can be rather different for women and sexual minorities. This issue explores the impact such discourses are having upon gender and sexuality identities and practices in the academy.

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Hadley Z. Renkin

Violent attacks on gay and lesbian activities in the public sphere, coupled with verbal aggression against sexual minorities by right-wing politicians in Hungary and other postsocialist countries, illustrate the centrality of sexuality in questions of postsocialist transition. This article discusses the limits of current scholarly interpretations of homophobia in postsocialist countries. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork on LGBT activism in Hungary, it argues that by undertaking public projects that assert multiple forms of identity and community, LGBT people, although often portrayed as passive objects of the changing configurations of power of Hungary's transition, have raised a radical challenge to traditional imaginings of the boundaries between national and transnational meanings. It is this challenge—the proposal of a “queering” of belonging—to which right-wing, nationalist actors have responded with public violence.

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The Whole World Revolves Around It

Sex Education and Sex Reform in First Republic Czech Print Media

Karla Huebner

This article explores attitudes towards sex and sexuality in First Republic Czechoslovakia (1918–1938), focusing on the urban Czech population. By looking at articles, advertisements and references to sex and sexuality in Czech periodicals from 1920 to 1935, it shows that inter-war Czechoslovaks were enthusiastic participants in closely linked discourses about hygiene, physical culture, sex education, birth control and sex reform, and provides evidence that Czech discourse about sex and sexuality was al- most always – apart from erotica and pornography – closely tied to discourse about health, hygiene and social reform. The article also shows how inter-war Czechoslovaks participated in the struggle for sexual minority rights. By exploring these discourses, this article helps place Czech ideas about sexuality within the larger framework of European ideas about sexuality, especially in relation to the German discourses with which Czech writers and activists were in constant dialogue.

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Lionel Blue

more helpful. Divorced people and lonely people need support and understanding, not rules or resolutions. So also do sexual minorities and one-parent families and all whose lives are ‘without benefit of clergy’. In the Middle Ages, the term ‘Din’, law

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Women and development in Vietnam

Caught between social tradition and economic globalization

Khuat Thu Hong

/AIDS. The epidemic has increasingly spread among female populations in some countries, namely Vietnam; (e) violence against women and sexual minorities: while there has been a huge effort to improve the legal/policy frameworks and services for victims

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Chiara Bonfiglioli

insightful contributions on gender inequality, sexual rights, sexual minorities, religious conservatism, and retraditionalization in the region of Southeastern Europe, organized by country (Yugoslav successor states, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania) and

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Miley, What’s Good?

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Instagram Reproductions, and Viral Memetic Violence

Aria S. Halliday

videos. See her TedTalk on Black girls’ net worth. 3 Although he did not discuss minority groups in his theory, Pierre Bourdieu has long been used to engage with media representations of racial and sexual minorities. See Paul Venzo and Kristy Hess (2013

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Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

rationalized mentality, it is refuted completely by the texts of memoirs and oral interviews” (97). Sexual minorities are the subject of Alexander Kondakov’s “Injured Narratives and Homosexual Subjectivities in Russia: The Production of Rights Vocabulary in

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Incipient “commoning” in defense of the public?

Competing varieties of fiscal citizenship in tax- and spending-related direct democracy

Sandra Morgen and Jennifer Erickson

increasingly populated by groups that make claims on the state based on oppressed identities (for example, women, racialized minorities, and sexual minorities), a racially coded taxpayer identity politics was constructed consistent with neoliberal values. 2 As