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Ambivalent Sexualities in a Transnational Context

Romanian and Bulgarian Migrant Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

enact two sexual scripts: the gay male and the heteropatriarchal male scripts. While the enactment of the gay male script happens on the scene where the hustlers need to flirt with and otherwise accommodate the needs of their German gay male clients, the

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"i HATE HATE HATE being single" and "why is getting a bf so hard for me?"

Reproducing heteronormative femininity on

Jacqueline Ryan Vickery

This article examines the prominent romantic and sexual scripts—the most common being that of a "prince charming" waiting for a girl—found on the "being single" message board of A discourse and textual analysis of the message board is conducted in order to analyze how girls are performing their (hetero)sexual identities. This provides insight into current notions of contemporary girlhood and romantic/sexual expectations. Findings suggest that girls believe that being single is "caused" by something—most often that a girl is not pretty enough or not outgoing enough—so singledom is "blamed" on a lack of (appropriate) femininity. Also, if a girl fails at femininity then it is assumed that she might also be failing at heterosexuality. Girls seem to believe that by becoming more conventionally feminine (outgoing and attractive), singledom can be "fixed" and thus heteronormativity and femininity are reaffirmed.

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James K. Beggan

invokes the idea of sexual script ( Simon and Gagnon 1986 ). Recent work (e.g., Sakaluk et al. 2014 ) has indicated that a variety of sexual scripts may operate among sexually active people. Although a recognition of the importance of women's orgasm in

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“Speak with Girls, Not for Them”

Supporting Girls’ Action Against Rape Culture

Alexe Bernier and Sarah Winstanley

, experienced being the focus of consent education. We call to mind here the work of Kathryn Ryan (2011) who explores the gendered sexual script that socializes men and boys to pursue sex and that places women and girls in the position of sexual gatekeeper

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Michele Meek

female characters. In failing to do so, it perpetuates the sexual script that men and boys are always already consenting. Blockers (2018), too, pairs an ambivalent male teen with an aggressive female teen for a comedic effect. One of the characters

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“Boys in Power”

Consent and Gendered Power Dynamics in Sex

Katrín Ólafsdottir and Jón Ingvar Kjaran

) . According to sexual script theory, sexuality is socially constructed and performed according to a script of sorts, developed by the individual and influenced by their social environment. 4 We choose to use the concept of patriarchy, instead of gender

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Family on the Edge

Neblagopoluchnaia Family and the State in Yakutsk and Magadan, Russian Federation

Lena Sidorova and Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill

.) 2000 . Audit Cultures: Anthropological Studies in Accountability, Ethics and the Academy . London and New York : Routledge . Temkina , A. , and E. Zdravomyslova . 2015 . “ The Sexual Scripts and Identity of Middle-Class Russian Women