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Contemporary "Structures" of Racism

A Sartrean Contribution to Resisting Racial Injustice

Justin I. Fugo

This paper develops an account of racism as rooted in social structural processes. Using Sartre, I attempt to give a general analysis of what I refer to as the “structures” of our social world, namely the practico-inert, serial collectives, and social groups. I then apply this analysis to expose and elucidate “racist structures,” specifically those that are oftentimes assumed to be ‘race neutral’. By highlighting structures of racial oppression and domination, I aim to justify: 1) the imperative of creating conditions free from oppression and domination, over the adherence to ‘ideal’ principles which perpetuate racial injustice; 2) the shared responsibility we have collectively to resist and transform social structural processes that continue to produce racial injustice.

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Friedrich-Wilhelm Marquardt

A Theological-Biographical Sketch

Andreas Pangritz

On 25 May 2002, Friedrich-Wilhelm Marquardt, Professor Emeritus for Systematic Theology at the Free University (FU) of Berlin, was called out of life, as the death announcement of his family put it, 'in the midst of a happy spring walk'. The readers would have known him above all as a tireless worker for the renewal of the relationship between Christians and Jews. The reflections concerning the encounter between Christians and Jews, the recognition of the shared responsibility of Christians for the National-Socialist murder of the Jews, but also the meaning of the return of Israel to her Land and the founding of the State of Israel were pulled by Marquardt into the center of his Dogmatics perhaps more than by any other Christian theologian. It was a long journey to that point.

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Anthony Rudolf

grateful that I shared responsibility for the cage during a period of five years, when I was young. Notes 1 See European Judaism 6, no. 1, Winter 71/72, 12–28. 2 See European Judaism 8, no. 1, Winter 73/74, 37–39. 3 See European Judaism 7, no. 2

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Ecosystem integrity and policy coherence for development

Tools aimed at achieving balance as the basis for transformative development

Harlan Koff, Miguel Equihua Zamora, Carmen Maganda and Octavio Pérez-Maqueo

making; (c) the promotion of partnerships for development, which depends on the participation of all actors and recognizes the diversity and complementarity of their functions; and (d) transparency and shared responsibility ( http

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Creating Dialogue on Inclusion in Vietnam

Girls with Disabilities Exhibit their Work

Naydene de Lange, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh and Nghiem Thi Thu Trang

aspirational, leaving no one behind. … It is inspired by a humanistic vision of education and development based on human rights and dignity; social justice; inclusion; protection; cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity; and shared responsibility and

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Cognitive Disability

Towards an Ethics of Possibility

Faye Ginsburg and Rayna Rapp

fundamental truth of being human. Like many people, I had once measured my worth by my capacity to produce things and experiences: to be productive at work, share responsibilities at home, ‘show up’ equally in my friendships and rack up achievements. Being

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Tracey Heatherington

of the material world around us, researchers of all kinds are embedded in the social, political world, and share responsibility for the future. In both of these monographs, we can see outstanding examples of engaged scholarship. This may be just

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Social Sensations of Symptoms

Embodied Socialities of HIV and Trauma in Uganda

Lotte Meinert and Susan Reynolds Whyte

northern Uganda often have to negotiate carefully with the affected person about self-recognition of symptoms in order for treatment to be possible. Moreover, raising money to pay for treatment is almost always a social and shared responsibility in families

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Catherine N. Butcher

. Every student is required to work ten to twelve hours a week. Students work alongside the administrative staff in 116 labour positions, sharing responsibility for running the College and gaining valuable experience. The College receives financing from

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Empowering or impoverishing through credit

Small-scale producers and the Plan Chontalpa in Tabasco, Mexico

Gisela Lanzas and Matthew Whittle

, lenders, and the mills, share responsibility for the results of the programs they put in place. Notes 1 All individual names are pseudonyms our informants chose for themselves. 2 To protect our informants’ identities, the community in which they live is