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Sharedness as Belonging

Hospitality, Inclusion, and Equality among the Layene of Senegal

Emily Jenan Riley

, and/or intention, with the capacity to transform social realities.” Reinterpreted as a radical form of ‘sharedness’, teraanga opens new shared spaces (a restorative behavior) where inequalities and difference are diminished rather than accentuated

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Discourses, Bodies, and Questions of Sharedness in Kenya's Wellness Communities

Sarah M. Hillewaert

or practicing yoga together with, for example, children in Nairobi's slums, or with a traditionally dressed Maasai on the savannah. What validates these initiatives and the driving force behind their success is an anticipated sharedness that moves

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Communities Reimagining Sharedness in Belief and Practice

Sarah Hillewaert and Chantal Tetreault

-construction and fostering of sharedness among people with apparently divergent beliefs, practices, and even purposes complicated established anthropological understandings of community. And we pondered whether our initial thoughts resonated with other

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Wrestling with Tradition

Reconstructing Jewish Community through Negotiating Shared Purpose

Chantal Tetreault

eclectic and countercultural Jewish community—is achieved through discursive practices that perform contested sharedness through a collaborative questioning and often conflictual engagement with Jewish tradition. As such, it is both the central ethos and

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Ayala Fader

and position? In this special section, Hillewaert and Tetreault experiment with reimagining the notion of ‘sharedness’. They have assembled a set of articles that use the term when describing less hegemonically spiritual and religious communities from

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Place, Horizon, and Imaginary

Sondra L. Hausner and Simon Coleman

that both sustains the long-held value of interdisciplinarity in religious studies and allows for in-depth explorations of local contexts and questions. Our special section, titled “Reimagining Sharedness,” edited by Sarah Hillewaert and Chantal

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Digital and Offline

Partial Fields and Knowledge Producers

Narmala Halstead

through greater access and at levels of sharedness into the researcher's worlds (see also Castillo). Thus, a certain separation between researcher and participant-host that collapses becomes re-performed in relation to ‘acceptance rituals’. This

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Speaking in Celestial Signs

The Language of Western Astrology and the (Tenuous) Bonds of Occult Sociality

Omri Elisha

to create formal, standardized mechanisms of consensus and collaboration. In what follows I consider how intimations of sharedness are “imagined, negotiated, and discursively constructed” (Hillewaert and Tetreault, this volume) among practitioners

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Performance, Power, Exclusion, and Expansion in Anthropological Accounts of Protests

Aet Annist

sharedness among the EMA members. Community, Performance, and Power “In the middle of a marsh island in Hüpassaare, surrounded by the stunted marshland pines in Soomaa National Park, a group of EMA activists gathered for the First Forest Song

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Beyond the Edges of the Screen

Longing for the Physical ‘Spaces Between’

Alyssa Grossman and Selena Kimball

provide a basis for feelings of closeness, not everyone experiences a shared atmosphere in the same way. In fact, it is not the sharedness but the diversity, the ‘convergences between different subjective experiences’, which are responsible for generating