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Andrei V. Grinëv

experienced Finnish sailors and shipwrights (most of them were not ethnically Finnish, but rather Swedes who had settled in the coastal regions of Finland). As a result, the significant number of Finnish sailors, ships, and shipyards very substantially

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Caroline Humphrey

The article discusses Soviet sailors' experiences away from home and seaborne social relations—the particular sociality brought to the Black Sea region by ships and sailors. The officers and sailors employed by the Black Sea Fleet had much wider horizons than ordinary Soviet citizens—and the small temporary society of the ship interpenetrated with the varied Black Sea inhabitants in limited but significant ways. They contrasted “high seas” of the world's great oceans, the setting for dangerous, daring and profitable exploits, with the enclosed drudgery of the Black Sea routes. The article shows how the Cold War inflected the imaginaries and practices of seamen and others. It argues that an anthropology of the sea can develop an analysis that combines regional specificities with visions that extend beyond the local and national.

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Building ships while breaking apart

Container economies and the limits of chaebol capitalism

Elisabeth Schober

market around ultra-large container ships. Once a seemingly banal series of family crises hit the conglomerate at home, however, its production site in Subic Bay saw itself drawn into a tug-of-war between a Korean family-led enterprise (or chaebol ), its

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Loraine Fletcher

Political readings of Treasure Island are rare, and of fairly recent date. David H. Jackson’s account, ‘Treasure Island as a Late-Victorian Adults’ Novel’, identifies a strong element of class antagonism. Against Robert Louis Stevenson’s claim that his early romances are amoral and ahistorical, Jackson proposes that ‘Treasure Island is a simplified account of eighteenth-century hierarchical society’, where ‘the premium virtue is duty – unquestioning loyalty to the hierarchy’, and in which Stevenson promotes ‘firm and conservative social values’. For Jackson, Treasure Island is mainly about good and bad children as defined by obedience to or disrespect for authority figures, engaging ‘the reader’s personal nostalgia for his or her own childhood’. In her postcolonial work Problematic Shores, Diana Loxley also counters the traditional view of this novel as a timeless romance. She finds that it is ‘in fact deeply marked by its moment of historical production in the heyday of Victorian imperialism’, and she convincingly provides ‘the colonial context within which Treasure Island should be read and discussed’.

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Nighttime Navigating

Moving a Container Ship through Darkness

Maria Borovnik

Navigating a ship during nighttime reinforces that oceans are unpredictable, dark, and dangerous. In John Urry’s words, the meshwork of international transport, oceans, currents, rocks, pirates, mystery, danger, grief, disease, and death is enumerated as

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Curation as Public Scholarship

Museum Archaeology in a Seventeenth-Century Shipwreck Exhibit

Sarah A. Buchanan

24 July 1684 with three hundred settlers and four ships: La Belle, L’Aimable, Le Joly , and Le Saint François . The journey was perilous: the ketch Le Saint François was captured by Spanish privateers near Hispaniola in September 1684 before the

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Steamships to Suffragettes

A Case Study of Interpretative Museology, Public Engagement, and Digital Development

Nicolas Bigourdan, Kevin Edwards, and Michael McCarthy

individually and moved progressively to the exhibition space, where they would be reconstructed in vivo. As the archaeology of iron ships and steam shipwrecks was at this time a new field in maritime archaeology, a practical and theoretical seminar was convened

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Containing mobilities

Changing time and space of maritime labor

Johanna Markkula

because you see the world. But no! You go to France. You stay there 24 hours. You go ashore for one hour. Nothing. Night time. Cannot see the beautiful places of France. And going back to the ship, you see only the sky, the sea, nothing! You go to Persian

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At the Threshold to the New World

Equator Crossings, Sunsets, and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques

Michael Bies

both the travelers and the ships’ crews usually regarded as highly symbolic, since for them it marked the step from the Old World to the New World. However, this crossing was special in yet another respect. For even if the equator could be identified by

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Edward Mycue, Jane Liddell-King, Louis Daniel Brodsky, Robert Manaster, Robert Weinberg, Steven B. Katz, Ben Wilensky, and Lotte Kramer

Birthday Celebration

Seven Brachot for Chava

Ghost Ship over Poland


Prometheus II


She had Troubles of her Own our Rabbi

My Father was a Writer Dream Tales