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Des situations-limites au dépassement de la situation

Phénoménologie d’un concept sartrien

Grégory Cormann and Jérôme Englebert

Sartre, Gabriel Marcel et les Recherches philosophiques Dans un entretien de 1973 à Cerisy, Gabriel Marcel rapporte une confidence de Sartre, qui lui avait confié un jour lui devoir le concept de situation . Marcel semble le premier étonné par la

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Bruce Kapferer

Gluckman and the Manchester School pioneered approaches in anthropology that are now commonplace. But they were interested in achieving generalizations of both a local and more global kind. Their central methodology was that of situational analysis and extended-case analysis, which are examined here as attempts to make anthropology, via its ethnographic field method, a scientific discipline that opened out to novel ideas and theories concerning the human condition. This essay critically assesses the thinking that underpinned the methodology of situational analysis and suggests some areas of redirection. The overall idea is to impart some sense of the spirit that motivated various aspects of the Manchester innovation, especially the politics that gave it some coherence, and the wider importance of its directions that are occasionally overlooked in reflections on the history of social anthropology.

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Mary Edwards

account of psychological oppression, his phenomenological ontology does not commit him to denying that freedom can be constrained by social factors, as some commentators allege. The second section explains how Beauvoir's understanding of the situation 12

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De Beauvoir, Existentialism and Marx

A Dialectic on Freedom

Angela Shepherd

, women’s situation, historically, economically, biologically and psychologically, conspires to render them as inferior oppressed beings, made into objects, which leaves a woman’s road to liberation a complicated issue. For Moi, The Second Sex (1949

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Seeking what?

Subversion, situation, and transvaluation

John Kelly

Hardt and Negri's transvaluation of violence into the sign of emergent revolutionary subjectivity begins in a philosophical dream, not any actual historical anthropology. Negri's politics of subversion attempt to articulate the ongoing constitution of a new multitude but actually constitute the alter ego to Pax Americana's vision of nation-state sovereignty and finance-dominated capitalism. Thorstein Veblen's critique of the finance-dominated, postmodern new order, first rendered in 1919, draws similar conclusions about fictions in sovereignty by nation-state and contradictions between vested interests and the global commons. But Veblen correctly warns against romanticizing violent tactics. An anthropology of situations will better help scholars clarify contemporary predicaments and potentials than will search for an insurgent global multitude. The issue is urgent in the situation of globalized counterinsurgency. Anthropology can and should mount a better critique of actual global politics than it can find within the values of any philosophy, even one committed to the Spinozan celebration and amplification of immanence.

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Decolonizing Situations

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Colonial Studies, 1951-2001

Frederick Cooper

When Georges Balandier published “The Colonial Situation” in 1951, colonial empires were at the heart of profound debates and struggles. By the 1970s, colonialism had been banished from the realm of legitimate forms of political organization. What remained “colonial” in world politics passed itself off as something else. The burst of scholarship on colonial societies in the 1980s and 1990s thus appears paradoxical, and so too does the lack of response and follow-up to Balandier’s brilliantly incisive article in the two decades after its appearance.

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Nicholas Robinette

evidence not only of the life of particular anthologies but of the recent situation of English comics in general. Gifford’s Ally Sloper (1976–1977) and Gravett and Stanbury’s Escape (1983–1989) embody the contradictory possibilities for creating comics

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La Situation Coloniale

Ancien Concept, Nouvelle Réalité

George Balandier

Élaborer une théorie de la situation coloniale, et la publier par la médiation des Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie, prenait en 1951 dans le contexte français l’aspect d’une triple provocation. Le texte était reçu comme la critique des tentatives de refaire un espace impérial fissuré par les épreuves de la seconde guerre mondiale, comme une affirmation de solidarité politique avec les artisans de la décolonisation, ce qui se trouvait confirmé par mes engagements, par mes relations avec les initiateurs des indépendances africaines.

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Marten Marquardt

Christianity arose out of a conflict situation, and to this day it bears the characteristics of this original conflict. It begins with individuals, families and groups of Jewish sectarians who want to assert themselves in competition with other Jewish sectarians. They withdraw from one another. They outdo one another in part rhetorically, in part in their practice and then sometimes also politically, tactically and – on the side of the Christians – eventually with acts of violence.

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Mark Ingram

in 2009 to form the Association Française d'Ethnologie et d'Anthropologie, or AFEA. The authors note that these recent changes have created a wholly new situation for this generation of anthropologists: more now work outside the academy than in it