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Institutions of Confinement as Sites of Passage

The Mètis of Foreign Nationals Caught in the Wars on Terror, Drugs and Immigration

Carolina S. Boe

neighbourhoods. Here, I will discuss the ways in which they can, sometimes, change and improve the situations of the ‘undeported’. The sailing metaphor and the term ‘social navigation’ refer to the action of moving tactically in relation to social forces that

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Flight and Exile—Uncertainty in the Context of Conflict-Induced Displacement

Cindy Horst and Katarzyna Grabska

This introduction addresses the ways in which flight and exile create particular types of uncertainty, including both radical and protracted, in people's lives. We argue that the concept of uncertainty, in its meaning of imperfect knowledge and the unpredictability of the future, is central to studies that theorize conflict-induced displacement, transit, and refugeeness. We start with an exploration of the spatial and temporal aspects of uncertainty in situations of displacement, and within that we discuss how uncertainty functions as a governing mechanism. We then analyze the ways that refugees and those internally displaced navigate situations of radical and protracted uncertainty. This article and those that follow in this special issue suggest that in our analysis of conflict-induced displacement, we must understand uncertainty rather than certainty as the norm.

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Diplomat, Landlord, Con-artist, Thief

Housing Brokers and the Mediation of Risk in Migrant Moscow

Madeleine Reeves

social navigation: you had to be shustryi [sharp-witted] and delovoi [business-like], but also able to be gentle [ miagkii ], so as not to overwhelm one’s interlocutor or prospective landlord. Indeed, Sanjar would explicitly liken the role of the

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Plans, Changes, Improvisations

Navigating Research on the Fertility Quests of Mozambican Women and Men

Inês Faria

using the concept of social navigation ( Vigh 2009 ) and the notion of fields of possibility ( Schütz 1972 ), as people tried to implement reproductive projects that faced disruption and transformation at different levels ( Velho 2003 ). My research

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Perilous Navigation

Knowledge Making with and without Digital Practices during Irregularized Migration to Öresund

Nina Grønlykke Mollerup

indirectly given attention to knowing through the concept of ‘social navigation’. Henrik Vigh (2009: 420) contends that the notion of social navigation highlights “motion within motion,” in other words, an awareness that we move in moving environments. The

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The Meanings of the Move?

From “Predicaments of Mobility” to “Potentialities in Displacement”

Stephen C. Lubkemann

. While loss and social disenfranchisement often result from the “social navigation” ( Utas 2005 ; Vigh [2003] 2006) of warscapes, a much broader spectrum of possible outcomes is conceivable. These include situations in which wartime movement opens

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Navigating Unpredictable Sites

Methodological Implications of Positioning during and after Fieldwork in Conflict Societies

Eva Gerharz

enable the researcher to deal with complex social situations emerging from natural disasters and regime change and also those characterized by the uncertainty of spontaneously erupting violence. Here, the concept of ‘social navigation’, which has been

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Understanding Experiences and Decisions in Situations of Enduring Hardship in Africa

Mirjam de Bruijn and Jonna Both

context of hardship in African situations, for instance, concentrates on tactical agency ( Berckmoes 2014 , 2015 ; Utas 2005 ; Vigh 2006 ) or on social navigation ( Vigh 2006 , 2009 ). These studies focus on the study of tactics as a repertoire of

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Following, Othering, Taking Over

Research Participants Redefining the Field through Mobile Communication Technology

Nanneke Winters

Look at the Concept of Social Navigation .” Anthropological Theory 9 ( 4 ): 419 – 438 . 10.1177/1463499609356044 Walton , Shireen . 2017 . “ ‘Being There Where?’ Designing Digital-Visual Methods for Moving With/In Iran .” In Elliot et al. 2017

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“Looking for One's Life”

Trapped Mobilities and Adventure in Morocco

Sébastien Bachelet

) literally means to disentangle oneself and further illustrates migrants’ constrained agency and movement. Migrants were, as Henrik Vigh puts it in his discussion of social navigation in Guinea Bissau, “moving within a moving environment” ( 2009a: 420