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Monumental Suspension

Art, Infrastructure, and Eduardo Chillida's Unbuilt Monument to Tolerance

Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

, but with it. Born et al.'s (2017) notion of ‘social aesthetics’ is particularly relevant in this regard. They use it to signal an analytics that refuses to “disentangle the social, in all its varied modalities, from experiences and conceptions of

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Religiosity and its others

Lived Islam in West Africa and South India

Filippo Osella and Benjamin Soares

Drawing on research about settings in South India and West Africa characterised by significant religious diversity, we reflect on the ways in which everyday religiosity among contemporary Muslims is constituted through difference and contestation. Our cases are from two ostensibly secular states – India and Nigeria – both former British colonies where secularism has been interrogated over the past few decades. In our focus on what we call ‘lived’ Islam, we pay attention not only to intra‐Muslim differences but also to how religiosity is formed and experienced through engagement and encounters with Others, whether religious, ethnic or political, both locally and globally. Everyday religiosity in such settings as South India and Nigeria emerges at the interstices of such encounters where Muslims often seek to draw boundaries at the same time as they fashion themselves – in lifestyle, sociality, aesthetics – in relation to various Others. As we argue, such ethnographic cases with their comparative angle underscore the importance of studying religiosity in heterogeneous settings so as to explode the flawed, idealised sense of wholeness that emerges in some of the literature on the anthropology of one religious tradition or another with such traditions sometimes represented as deriving from self‐contained theologies.

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Knitted Naked Suits and Shedding Skins

The Body Politics of Popfeminist Musical Performances in the Twenty-first Century

Maria Stehle

themselves, however queerly or awkwardly, in the global pop mainstream. The politics of popfeminist music cannot adequately be described by reading for alternative or subcultures; rather I suggest we read for social aesthetics that form communities within and

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Consistent inconsistency

New reflections on migrants, the state, and the contingencies of law

Georgina Ramsay

’, Political and Legal Anthropology Review 35 , no. 1 : 11 – 29 . Cabot , H. ( 2013 ), ‘ The social aesthetics of eligibility: NGO aid and indeterminancy in the Greek asylum process ’, American Ethnologist 40 , no. 3 : 452 – 466 . Cabot , H

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Coming to Our Senses

From the Birth of the Curator Function to Curating Live Arts

Ed McKeon

sustain. The curator's demarcation of the aesthetic from the social field—the institution's inside from its outside—also became increasingly problematic. It is important to note that “social aesthetics,” treating public contact as the site of artistic

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Poetics of Development

Ananta Kumar Giri

consumption, which so far has been mainly used for narrow aims of capital gain and profit maximization, needs to be transformed to a broader social aesthetics of growth and development. Ethics and aesthetics of development can dance together bringing beauty

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Impatient Accumulation, Immediate Consumption

Problems with Money and Hope in Central Kenya

Peter Lockwood

what raha was like, even if somewhat tempered. It was a desire to experientially inhabit a desired aesthetic—captured by Magnus Marsden (2007: 474) in his concept of “locally situated social aesthetics”—that characterizes raha , where outward