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Four Dimensions of Societal Transformation

An Introduction to the Problematique of Ukraine

Zuzana Novakova

“the interdependency of human beings and the conditional or foundational components of their experiences” ( Van der Maesen 2017: 12 ). In other words, it refers to the overall societal embedding of the studied reforms, blurring the conventional

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Social Quality

Regaining Political Economy

Peter Herrmann


A fundamental methodological problem is the relevance of an antagonism of capitalism. This needs to be classified in light of the developmental stage of the means of production: far too little attention is paid to the contradictory character of individualization and socialization. This brings us to Karl Polányi’s main argument of disembedding. He also deals with a shift from the socially integrated (and dependent) individual to the utilitarian market citizen. The French regulationist theory offers a major step toward understanding new forms of societal embedding linked to this “new personality.” It will also allow us to move beyond the misleading juxtaposition or dichotomization of individualization-socialization. Investigating five major tensions, it ventilates the possible meaning of the digital revolution and the challenges for monitoring development. The main aim of the article, however, is to bring the economy back in and to go beyond the traditional duality between economics and politics.

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The Limits to Cheating History

Changing the Reference for Accounting

Peter Herrmann

part of the production is actually “societally embedded,” part of everyday life and/or a spin-off. For example, according to The Economist (2015), “a high-end car, for instance, has the digital horsepower of 20 personal computers and generates 25