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Gerelma B. Dugarova and Victor N. Bogdanov

This article explores and assesses the socio-economic consequences of environmental restrictions in the Baikal region. Different levels of socio-economic development characterize the various governing bodies in the region, and therefore, the impact of environmental restrictions surrounding Baikal varies. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of environmental restrictions for Irkutsk oblast and Republic of Buriatiia, summarizes the perceived trade-off between the environmental and economic interests, and proposes alternative environmentally friendly scenarios for local economic development.

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Erika Friedl

group’s social relations and ideologies. The model fits in turn the conditions in a subsistence economy in a quasi-feudal patrilineal system, the bureaucratic form of government with socio-economic developments under a West-oriented Shah and the present

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Women and development in Vietnam

Caught between social tradition and economic globalization

Khuat Thu Hong

This could bring grave consequences for the country’s socio-economic development and for the well-being of both women and men. Domestic violence—a form of gender-based violence—is quite prevalent in Vietnam. In general, women reported significantly

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Water scarcity and sustainability in the arid area of North America

Insights gained from a cross-border perspective

Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia and John W. Day

. ( 2013 ). The relation of oil to the Mexican economy: Past, present and future . In A. Yáñez-Arancibia , R. Dávalos Sotelo , J. Day , & E. Reyes (Eds.), Ecological dimensions for sustainable socio economic development (pp. 119 – 150

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Sintayehu Kassaye Alemu

abbreviations. Forty-nine international scholars have contributed to the 295 pages of the book. African universities are facing the challenge of alienation from the nation’s socio-economic development, and require far-reaching changes to connect much more

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Enemies of the people

Theorizing dispossession and mirroring conspiracy in the Republic of Georgia

Katrine Bendtsen Gotfredsen

-Rose Revolution socio-economic developments that they have seen benefit some categories of people over the past decade, but not themselves. The second sense has been less materially tangible, but nevertheless rhetorically powerful. In Humphrey’s (2002) terms

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Regional integration from “below” in West Africa

A study of transboundary town-twinning of Idiroko (Nigeria) and Igolo (Benin)

Olukayode A. Faleye

subsequent section. Transboundary town-twinning and regional integration from “below” in West Africa: Idiroko (Nigeria) and Igolo (Benin) in perspective The spatial pattern of societies reflects the various principles that guided its socio-economic

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Delta Ontologies

Infrastructural Transformations in the Chao Phraya Delta, Thailand

Atsuro Morita and Casper Bruun Jensen

estimated 1,425 billion baht ($45.7 billion) in economic damages. The extreme 2011 flooding event revealed the vulnerability of modern infrastructures and the socio-economic development dependent on them ( Morita 2015 ; cf. Mitchell 2002 ). These novel and

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The Socio-Demographic Situation in the Republic of Tuva

Conditions of Social Transformation, 1990s–early 2000s

Zoya Dorzhu

Translator : Jenanne Ferguson

.16%), Mongolian (0.09%), and Ukrainian (0.07%). Urban residents accounted for only 6.5% of the population Tuva 2011: 6). While part of the Soviet Union, Tuva made great strides in socio-economic development; by 1990, the population has grown more than three times

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Zoe Bray and Christian Thauer

working in the industrialized coastal areas, textile workers in Bangladesh, or township inhabitants in South Africa, believe that globalization—and more precisely, having a job in the global economy—is their chance to benefit from socio-economic