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Corporal Punishment in Japan

One Path to Positive Anthropological Activism

Aaron L. Miller


This article is about the controversial educational practice of corporal punishment – known as taibatsu in Japan – which challenged me to reflect upon my anthropological heart and find my anthropological identity. Corporal punishment is a practice around which many ideas and discourses about education, social order, human rights and even power swirl, and it is therefore an inherently sociocultural practice wherever it takes place. Like other forms of violence, it also poses a personal challenge to anthropologists who observe it in practice and have to decide whether to remain an observing bystander. At one time, I made that choice. In this article, I explain why I no longer do.

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Sponsoring Ways of Being

Adolescent Boys’ Religious Literacy Practices

Deborah Vriend Van Duinen

) characterizes evangelical biblicism as an interpretive tradition that is mediated by a complex set of sociocultural practices and textual ideologies. Juzwik and Cori McKenzie (2015) explore the ways that Sam, an evangelical Christian high school student, used

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Hieronymus Purwanta

context, the government’s hegemony highlights how power relations constrain and control productivity and creativity in discourse practice. 19 Change is investigated via the mapping onto one another of shifting, unstable sociocultural practices. In this

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Books Are Boring! Books Are Fun!

Boys’ Polarized Perspectives on Reading

Laura Scholes

cognitive skills involved in cracking the alphabet code, word formation skills, phonics, grammar, and comprehension ( Barton 2007 ). In contrast to this cognitive perspective, literacy as sociocultural practice is defined by social and communication

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Meshworks and the Making of Climate Places in the European Alps

A Framework for Ethnographic Research on the Perceptions of Climate Change

Sophie Elixhauser, Stefan Böschen and Katrin Vogel

significantly shaped the landscape surrounding the village. It determines not only the outer limits of the settlement but also the arrangement of inhabited space and agricultural areas; it coproduces sociocultural practices such as leisure activities and fishing

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Annika Strauss

and contextualised in regard to the scene. Which anxieties, fears, irritations, conflicts, projections and defence strategies are evoked by the scene? Which sociocultural practices/habitus may play a role? Which stereotypes (e.g. concerning gender

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“I Am Trying” to Perform Like an Ideal Boy

The Construction of Boyhood through Corporal Punishment and Educational Discipline in Taare Zameen Par

Natasha Anand

shows has earned him the reputation of being a powerful media personality engaged in questioning and uprooting prevailing orthodox sociocultural practices that hamper the development of the nation. This includes Khan’s talk show Satyamev Jayate (2012

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Steven J. Hoffman, Fanny Wonu Veys, Joseph P Feldman, Natasha Barrett, Elsa Lenz Kothe, Antonino Crisà, Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Masaaki Morishita and Ewa Klekot

only hints at the complexity of this sociocultural practice and deeper analysis would have been advantageous. For example, drawing on Pinney’s (1997) research on local Indian photography, the mixing of media and visual conventions can be more readily