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Factors in the Development of Spatial Cognition in Boys and Girls

Assessing the Impacts of Biology and Navigational Experience

Mariah G. Schug

explanation for the sex difference in spatial cognition ( Munroe and Munroe 1971 ). The Munroes (1971) are not the only researchers to note sex differences in spatial reasoning abilities. The study of spatial cognition includes a broad range of tasks, such

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Daniel T. Levin and Caryn Wang

Levin and Simons (2000) argued that perceptual experience in film and the real world share a deep similarity in that both rely on inferences that visual properties are stable across views. This article argues that the perception and representation of visual space also reveal deep commonalities between film and the real world. The article reviews psychological research on visual space that suggests that we not only attend to similar spatial cues both in film and in nonmediated settings, but also that the rules for combining and selecting among these cues are similar. In exploring these links, it becomes clear that there is a bidirectional relationship between cognitive psychology and film editing that allows each to provide important insights about the other.

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Diederik F. Janssen

Development of Spatial Cognition in Boys and Girls: Assessing the Impacts of Biology and Navigational Experience,” Mariah G. Schug examines the suspension of one the most robustly male-typed and boy-typed of cognitive skills—spatial reasoning—between innate

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Temporality of Movements in the North

Pragmatic Use of Infrastructure and Reflexive Mobility of Evenkis and Dolgans

Vladimir N. Davydov

Introduction of GPS by Nenets Reindeer Herders of Western Siberia and Its Impact on Their Spatial Cognition and Navigation Methods .” Pp. 203 – 220 in Nomadic and Indigenous Spaces: Productions and Cognitions , ed. Judith Miggelbrink , Joachim Otto