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Becoming an Agricultural Growth Corridor

African Megaprojects at a Situated Scale

Serena Stein and Marc Kalina

Agricultural growth corridors (AGCs) have begun proliferating across the actual and policy landscapes of southeastern Africa. Cast as an emerging megaproject strategy, AGCs combine the construction of large-scale logistics (i.e., roads, railways, ports) with attracting investment in commercial agribusiness and smallholder farming. While scholars have long attended to spatial development schemes in the Global South, literature on the rising AGCs of Africa’s eastern seaboard has only recently shifted from anticipatory to empirical studies as policy implementation reaches full force. The article reflects on a new crop of studies that confront the problem of tracing policy imaginaries to the people, places, practices, and ecologies shaped by AGC schemes. In contrast to scholarship that accepts corridors as given entities, we explore directions for research that interrogate the grounded yet provisional becoming of these megaprojects. At such sites, the return of high modernist development logics encapsulated by the corridor concept may be questioned.

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Automobiles and Socioeconomic Sustainability

Do We Need a Mobility Bill of Rights?

Daniel Newman

building. Free-market economics has led to spatial development functioning with the tacit assumption of private car ownership, and it should be the responsibility of the state to protect citizens from the worst excesses of such market forces. Now that I

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Policentrismo y su relevancia para el análisis socioterritorial

Características, enfoques y dimensiones analíticas

Gabriela De la Mora-De la Mora

-regional scale: Insights from Dusseldorf and Stockholm . European Journal of Spatial Development , 59 . Descargado de Taminiau , J. , & Byrne , J. ( 2015 ). A polycentric response to the

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Regional integration from “below” in West Africa

A study of transboundary town-twinning of Idiroko (Nigeria) and Igolo (Benin)

Olukayode A. Faleye

settlements have experienced transformation over time through communal pattern of spatial development thereby instituting a conceptual basis for a “transboundary twin town.” This case appears to be complementary in nature and positioned within a broader sphere

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Vegetables and Social Relations in Norway and the Netherlands

A Comparative Analysis of Urban Allotment Gardeners

Esther J. Veen and Sebastian Eiter

comments on an earlier version of this article. The PhD study was financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs under the strategic research program KBIV Sustainable Spatial Development of Ecosystems, Landscapes, Seas and Regions, by the

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Heritage (Erfgoed) in the Dutch Press

A History of Changing Meanings in an International Context

Hanneke Ronnes and Tamara Van Kessel

, Hans Renes, and Jan Rouwendal, “Heritage Planning and Spatial Developments in the Netherlands: Changing Policies and Perspectives,” International Journal of Heritage Studies 20, no. 1 (2014): 3. 2 Bernhard Tschofen, “Antreten, ablehnen, verwalten? Was

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Attila Tóth, Barbora Duží, Jan Vávra, Ján Supuka, Mária Bihuňová, Denisa Halajová, Stanislav Martinát and Eva Nováková

less attractive parts on the urban periphery. Spatial development processes, such as suburbanization and urban sprawl common in many cities of Western Europe, suddenly appeared in large postcommunist cities in Central and Eastern Europe with an