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Brian L. Wright and Donna Y. Ford

academic issues include, but are not limited to, (1) overrepresentation in and often misdiagnosed in special education programs; (2) under-referral and underrepresentation in gifted education, Advanced Placement (AP), and college-preparation programs; (3

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Reinventing Play

Autistic Children and the Normativity of Play in Postwar France

Jonathyne Briggs

In postwar France, the definition of play helped to situate the meaning of childhood in a manner that marginalized disabled children from the common understanding of childhood. Three thinkers—Françoise Dolto, Maud Mannoni, and Fernand Deligny—all advocated more nuanced and open definitions of play that allowed for the recognition of disabled children’s forms of play, which often operated outside of social norms. In their practices, each of these thinkers articulated new interpretations of play that expanded its meaning in social and therapeutic contexts. This recognition was important in questioning the isolation of disabled children, in identifying their belonging among other children, and in revealing the changing boundaries of definitions of childhood.

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Ethical Dilemmas and Moral Conundrums

Negotiating the Unforeseen Challenges of Ethnographic Fieldwork

Jocelyn D. Avery

pathway towards meaning and selfhood. A special education needs (SEN) college was an ideal location in which to find a cohort of people in the 15-to-18-year age group suggested by the literature. I conducted participant observation over two semesters

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The irony of an ‘international faculty’

Reflections on the diversity and inclusion discourse in predominantly White institutions in the United States

Chenyu Wang

experience with information. Vignette 3: The pedagogical (im)possibility of critique On one occasion, however, I did manage to encourage a good discussion using my (foreign) personal experience. In a class on the marginalisation of special education

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Michael R. M. Ward

Early Childhood School Experiences of Brilliant Black Boys.” The authors suggest that as early as preschool, Black boys in the United States face low and negative expectations that contribute to excessive discipline, over-referrals to special education

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Creating Dialogue on Inclusion in Vietnam

Girls with Disabilities Exhibit their Work

Naydene de Lange, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, and Nghiem Thi Thu Trang

Ministry of Education and Training, including the Centre on Special Education in the VNIES, and Action to the Community Development Centre (ACDC). This exhibition set the stage for all partners, including policymakers, Disabled People’s Organisations (DSOs

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Improving and protecting human rights

A reflection of the quality of education for migrant and marginalized Roma children in Europe

Silvia-Maria Chireac and Anna Devis Arbona

institution, where they receive special education. Roma children are not meaningfully included, represented and valued in the school climate, and therefore, they will be unable to go on to further education. ( Cviklova, 2015 ). An increasing number of Roma

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Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, Giulia Messina Dahlberg, and Sylvi Vigmo

, the two named groups focused on in the present study, as well as the university and Swedish Folk High School sectors, are framed as separate fields of scholarship; for example, special education or disability studies, migration studies or ethnicity

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Monica Reichenberg

. Instruments and Data Analysis The study is based on a questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire was to cover issues ranging from reading instruction and special education to teaching and learning materials, as well as their usage. In a previous study, I

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Konstantin Klokov

having received special education. The goal was to integrate reindeer herding into a general socialist model of agricultural production. In this context state financing allotted for the development of reindeer herding collective and state farms was