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Lessons from the Framing Contest over UK Shale Development

Impotence and Austerity in Environmental Politics

Laurence Williams

Preston New Road (PNR) (see BEIS 2019 ). The concepts of frames and storylines have been popular among scholars seeking to characterize and understand the fractious debates that occurred over the prospect of shale development across Europe (and

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Towards an Ecographics

Ecological Storylines in Bande Dessinée

Armelle Blin-Rolland

As part of this research context, this article proposes the concept of ‘ecological storylines’ for an ecographics that examines both comics’ part in the (popular) ‘culture of nature’ and the medium's potential for creative and sustainable engagements

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Anastasia Todd

economy, I explore how her storyline serves to (re)secure US exceptionalism through the shoring up and celebration of the flexible, heteronormative, post-post-Americans with Disabilities Act 3 American family. This article responds to McRuer’s call for

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Political Comedy as Fuel for Populist Rhetoric?

Representations of Politicians and Institutions in the German TV Shows “Eichwald MdB” and “Ellerbeck”

Niko Switek

individual politicians. The representations of the German parliament and the city hall of Ellerbeck as backdrops for the fictional storylines do not blatantly mischaracterize the actual institutions on which they are modeled. It is difficult to assess

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Mark J.P. Wolf

Just as perceptual gestalten complete images and narrative gestalten complete storylines, both encouraging audiences to fill in missing information based on the information provided, the data pertaining to an imaginary world can collectively generate a world logic that helps audiences extrapolate and fill in gaps, resulting in the illusion of a complete and consistent imaginary world, through we what might call world gestalten. This article examines how these gestalten occur and function, how they contribute to the illusion of a complete world, and the importance of this process to transmedial entertainment franchises that are set in imaginary worlds.

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Young Adult Book Clubs

Feminism Online

Allie Shier

Most young females, particularly in Western contexts, are all too familiar with the traditional structure of the love story: the female protagonist embarks on a journey that ultimately leads her to fulfil her romantic goal of uniting with the male object of her desire. Throughout the history of Western society and beyond, this discourse has been prevalent in many mass media outlets, pervading the content of movies, television, and novels aimed at entertaining young adult females. In this classic narrative, women are presented as being dependent on males for their personal happiness. Whether this narrative is explicitly presented or camouflaged by an intricate storyline involving a seemingly strong and independent female character, this ubiquitous depiction of women in the mainstream media cannot be ignored.

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How Not to be a 'Dickhead'

Partisan Politics in Richard Ford's Independence Day

Tamas Dobozy

Richard Ford's Independence Day (1995) was the first novel to win both the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award. The novel continues the story of Frank Bascombe, begun in Ford's 1986 novel, The Sportswriter. By the time of Independence Day, Bascombe has given up sports-writing for real estate (and a sideline business of running a hot-dog stand, where he employs a Republican by the name of Karl Bemish). While significant portions of the novel involve Bascombe practising his trade, the novel's primary storyline involves his tour of various sports halls of fame with his son, Paul, over the course of the 4th of July weekend in 1988. The aim of the pilgrimage is to connect with Paul – a teenager who has run foul of the law and his stepfather, Charley O'Dell, who has married Bascombe's ex-wife, Ann – but it allows Bascombe to digress on the merits of real estate, 'The Declaration of Independence', marriage/divorce/parenting, and, most important for this paper, the differences between liberalism and conservatism.

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Margot Francis

has lost a beloved sister and wants to know why. In the first layer of response McKay invites the audience to explore how the external realities of colonization become a totalizing storyline that shapes the horizon of possibility for many on

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Counter-Narratives, Retellings and Redrawings

of the colonial subjects. Armelle Blin-Rolland introduces the concept of ecological storylines, and elaborates it under three headings. The first is drawing as a material practice that can, in her examples, render on the page the invisible threat of

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Chapters (1985) PS: It's very calculated. I stumbled on something in Taxi Driver  … the old theory of filmmaking used to be based on what they called the “cut-back” or the “intercut”: Meanwhile back at the ranch, here's storyline A and then back to