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“And When I Become a Man”

Translocal Coping with Precariousness and Uncertainty among Returnee Men in South Sudan

Katarzyna Grabska and Martha Fanjoy

In this article, we argue that return in the aftermath of conflict-induced displacement is often undertaken in contexts of uncertainty. After years spent in war and displacement, people return to an unknown and uncertain present and future, shaped by ideal images of home and brutal memories of conflict. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among South Sudanese refugees in Kenya and Canada and returnees in South Sudan, we analyze the 'return home' strategies, motivations, and experiences of returnee men. We suggest that uncertainty often transforms the present and the future of returning populations and the societies to which they return. Our research shows that in their attempts to minimize their wartime and displacement uncertainties, returnee men transform, negotiate, and reconstruct national, ethnic, and gender identities in a variety of ways, depending on their age and experiences in exile.

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Peter Hudson

This article compares and contrasts liberal democracy and national democracy. It attempts this by focusing on each of these as specific state forms with an effectivity or 'tilt' of their own which includes a determinate preconstruction of the category of the People. It is argued, inter alia, that internal to national democracy is a conception of colonialism (and anti-colonialism) and that the national-racial reference is thus internal to the national democratic conception of equality. In conclusion it is proposed that the tilt of a state form is expressed via the distinction of grammatical mood between the imperative and the subjunctive and that the 1994 South African Constitution, when read in this way, is more liberal democratic than national democratic.

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Espen Helgesen

being actual or, in Deleuzian terms, virtual. As Geschiere shows, urbanites relate to their home village without actually being there, and Solomon describes how children with autism face the subjunctive possibility that they can play not only with dogs

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In Appreciation of Metrical Abnormality

Headless Lines and Initial Inversion in Chaucer

Ad Putter

this out. A good category to begin with is that of orders and exhortations, to which we should add interrogatives. Instances can easily be found by looking out for line-initial verbs in the imperative, subjunctive or interrogative. Below are some

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The Girl in the Text

Representations, Positions, and Perspectives

Ann Smith

are to read fiction we need an “understanding of the subjunctive … [the] ability to understand possibility and potential” (2016: viii), so we are not surprised by the concluding sentences. Quietly, unobtrusively and extremely fearfully, something in my

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Jay Mechling

) taught us, play creates a subjunctive “what if?” mood that creates a “safe” zone for playing at being what one is not. The masking in Mardi Gras (Carnival) play, for example, permits men to be women, women to be men, white people to be black, black people

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Mohamed Enani

-accusations, making use of what in translation studies is called the ‘expressive text’ (operative/appellative), which relies grammatically on the subjunctive mood, not on the indicative mood of the informative text. 5 There is a single verb ‘to be’ in the opening

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Humor, Amnesia, and Making Place

Constitutive Acts of the Subject in Gezi Park, Istanbul

Christopher Houston and Banu Senay

between x and y by asserting a statement, usually “in the subjunctive mood, in which a false or ‘counter to fact’ premise is followed by some assertion about what would have happened if the premise were true.” For example, a counterfactual approach to

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Rianna Oelofsen

descriptions) of holdings in the society. The principle of rectification presumably will make use of its best estimate of subjunctive information about what would have occurred … if the injustice had not taken place. If the actual description of holdings turns

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Carceral Repair

Methane Extraction in Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Kristin Doughty

:// . Ahmann , C. 2019 . ‘ Waste to Energy: Garbage Prospects and Subjunctive Politics in Late-Industrial Baltimore ’. American Ethnologist 46 ( 3 ): 1 – 15 .