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Surfacing Moves

Spatial-Timings of Senior Home Care

Peter A. Lutz

Like many countries, Sweden faces the challenge of population aging and senior care. Compared with institutionalized health care, senior home care offers a viable option, promising familiar surroundings and lower costs. However, those performing senior home care sometimes resist time-management policies that pressure such care in practice. Some scholars analyze this situation as opposition between 'objective' and 'subjective' time. This article takes a different route. It explores how time surfaces in Swedish senior home care through relational movements of care. These enlist things such as schedules, machines, and aging bodies. To this end, the article also experiments with 'surfacing' as an ethnographic heuristic for figuring these different 'spatial-timings'. The article concludes that surfacing matters not only in senior home care but also in the field-desks of ethnographic analysis.

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‘The Inexhaustible Surface of Things’

Stefano Tamburini's Comic Book Work

Simone Castaldi

apartment, Mr. Palomar stops to muse on the double nature of the city. The city on the surface, the one experienced by pigeons, appears to him as a virtually endless superficial chaos of asymmetrical rooftops, terraces, antennae and chimneys; the other, the

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Florian Mühlfried

This article builds on ethnographic vignettes of mistrust, with the material stemming from the South Caucasus. Although mistrust has recently gained attention as a phenomenon sui generis, the impact of objects on the stirring of mistrust has been largely overlooked. The present article intends to fill this lacuna by investigating how certain objects are met with mistrust because their (material or discursive) surfaces and their contents seem inconsistent. The affective response to this perceived mismatch may be articulated in frustration or anger, but also in humor or longing. With respect to longing, I elaborate how this emotion stimulates searches for hidden truths that can be found in the realm of conspiracy theory.

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Roberta Raffaetà and Mark Nichter

On 18 December 2014, the results of the U.K.’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) evaluation exercise were released. This extensive and very costly exercise is intended to take the pulse of U.K. university-based research and now happens once every six years or so. It is also the principal tool used to determine the allocation of approximately £1.6 billion of quality-related (QR) research funding which maintains the fabric of research activity in U.K. HE institutions. Given the fiscal consequences of REF performance it is not surprising that that universities expended considerable time and effort preparing their submissions in the run-up to the exercise and that the results were pored over by academics and their managers across the country. This was a very complex set of runes to read.

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Fake buildings and gray development in Nairobi

Constance Smith

said, as though the building itself had laid bare something of the political economy that produced it. Developing a long-standing discourse in Africanist anthropology about the power of the double and the relationship between the surface and the

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Holistic Houses and a Sense of Place

Contextualizing the Bishop Museum Hale Pili Exhibit through Archaeological Analyses

Jennifer G. Kahn

” museum collections, allowing for greater interpretive ability for heritage museum collections and allowing for exhibited material culture to retain its social connections with modern descendant communities? Site mapping, surface collection of artifacts

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Kate Pride Brown

conserve it. Seeing Water One theme that emerged from the interviews was how much water the public saw on a regular basis. In the two East Coast cities, the temperate climate, plentiful surface water, and even the Gulf of Mexico were cited as obstacles to

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Larissa Mellor

one forget their first language? Will the dominance of certain languages erase others? Will we notice? In the work, I seek not to answer but to surface my questions visually. Figure 2 Still from the short film Uno (11 minutes, © Larissa Mellor 2017

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La flânerie au feuilleton?

Quotidien et modernité critique chez Siegfried Kracauer

Catherine Nesci

’actualité culturelle, mais également sur la vie quotidienne, ses lieux et son architecture, ses objets et ses distractions, ainsi que sur les nouvelles dimensions temporelles de l’existence, qu’il aborde le plus souvent par le biais de l’espace et de ses surfaces 9

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Jackie Feldman

practice (and, later, iconography) performed elsewhere ( Markus 1994 ). The textually and liturgically embodied sacred text was transported by pilgrims and clergy from churches throughout the world to the Holy Land; there it was imposed on the surface of