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Monumental Suspension

Art, Infrastructure, and Eduardo Chillida's Unbuilt Monument to Tolerance

Isaac Marrero-Guillamón

artist. This article analyzes the Monument's suspension and its multiple effects. Drawing from Akhil Gupta's (2015) work, I understand suspension not as “a temporary phase between the start of a project and its (successful) conclusion,” but as a mode

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Examining Suspension of Disbelief, Perceived Realism, and Involvement in the Enjoyment of Documentary-Style Fictional Films

Qihao Ji and Arthur A. Raney

directed to persons and characters supernatural, or at least romantic, yet so as to transfer from our inward nature a human interest and a semblance of truth sufficient to procure for these shadows of imagination that willing suspension of disbelief for the

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Tending to Suspension

Abstraction and Apparatuses of Atmospheric Attunement in Matsutake Worlds

Timothy Choy

Scenes from mushroom technosciences illuminate forms, practices, and temporalities of atmospheric attunement. This article reanimates moments from scientific literature where chemists and mycologists chase elusive smells and spores, explicating how scientists’ experimental apparatuses of attunement arrange conditions for matsutake to be reduced and concentrated toward the goal of sensibility. Reduction and concentration do more than translate atmospheric elusiveness into specification; achieved through grinding, evaporating, and remixing, they condition a ‘tending to suspension’. Tending to suspension amplifies qualities and throws subjects and sensorial attention into the middle of volumes and durations. ‘Tending’ implies care as well as a ‘tending toward’—the sense that something may develop a tendency. Experimental apparatuses of atmospheric attunement, tending to such tendings, model a method for anthropological study of diffuse objects.

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Subjects of Aspirations

Populist Governance in Post-revolutionary Nicaragua

Luciana Chamorro

paradoxically redouble attachments to this political figure, I will show in what follows that the structure of the populist promise produces a space of suspension that enables possibility to be sustained – even when experience says otherwise – by conditioning

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Water in Atmospheric Suspension

Contact Zones between Ethnography and Speculative Realism

Chakad Ojani

methods that either hold or attend to materials in atmospheric suspension, suggesting that anthropologists study and perhaps even develop their own apparatuses of atmospheric attunement to elicit other kinds of elusive phenomena. This resonates with, for

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Held in Suspense

Promise, Threat and Revocability as Modalities of Governance

Syantani Chatterjee, Luciana Chamorro, and Fernando Montero

’ (1997: 52). Promise, threat and revocability appear as forms of suspension that regulate and regiment life through the production of a threshold of indeterminacy, an experience of the future that is both imminent and deferred and that guides being and

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Thoughts on Governance, Punctuation and Authoritarian Populism

Maria José de Abreu

indeterminacy, or the sense that one is held in suspension, is not understood as the interruption of an action that was under way. For such an idea would imply understanding the event of suspension as the passive counterpart to an active course of action. It

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Non-democracy tolerance

Venezuela in Mercosur and Hungary in the European Union

Tainá Siman

Regional integration organizations (RIOs) have long been an important mechanism for cooperation among countries. With their ever-closer ties, concerns about the regimes of member countries have led RIOs to adopt norms for sanctions or suspension

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(Dis)Connected Rail

Infrastructural Suspension and Phatic Politics in Romania

Adrian Deoancă

to moments of indefinite suspension wherein the generative and degenerative potentials of material structures are laid bare. 6 Dwelling on suspension can provide valuable insights into practices of remediation and political affects that enable

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Black hole state

Human rights and the work of suspension in post‐war Kosovo

Agathe Mora

Much has been made of the Agambenian framework of exception and the regime of legal suspension it establishes. This paper ethnographically examines the hard work that is required to produce legal suspension within the parameters of the law by looking at the practice of property restitution of transitional institutions in post‐war Kosovo. Kosovo’s ‘black hole state’ reveals how the legal bureaucracies established to usher in human rights serve to perpetuate the state of suspension rather than realising their utopian goals.