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Contested Greenspace Solidarities?

Asymmetric Valuation Compromises and Civic-Material Tensions in Copenhagen Allotment Gardens

Nicola C. Thomas and Anders Blok

Urban allotment gardens constitute urban natures with a rich history as well as potential public redevelopment land. While many cities in Europe struggle to protect allotment gardens from competing land-use forces, in Copenhagen, allotments are classified as valuable urban nature and enjoy special protection. We analyze the social and political conditions and consequences of this unique situation. Taking a closer look at the governance arrangements and what we refer to as asymmetric civic-public compromises enabling the protection, we show how this is resulting in new material conflicts between civic and municipal actors. We argue that the conflicts are related to the unresolved issue of competing visions of civic, green, and market sustainability shaping contemporary urban development in Copenhagen and beyond and which are starkly revealed within allotment gardens.

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Staying Local, Going Global

Sustaining German Culture in “Dark” Times

Annika Orich

Friesennerze no longer function commonly as protective equipment in contemporary protest movements, they are still a symbol of sustainability politics. Greta Thunberg, a spearhead of today's environmental and climate activism, first caught the world

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Environmental and natural resources governance

Rethinking public-private relationships

Carmen Maganda and Olivier Petit

Talking about environmental and natural resources (ENR) governance today is generally related to the search for holistic elements to achieve sustainability. Political ecology clearly points out and debates the need to see ENR, particularly those related to vital necessities, as global public goods. It sounds like an easy equation: How can we achieve sustainability without sharing access, costs, benefits, and of course governance of ENR needed for all human activities? However, as logical as it seems, development inequalities and unregulated market relationships on the management of these resources are still predominant. Therefore, environmental governance and sustainability is still one of the major contemporary global challenges.

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The Geopolitics of Environmental Education

An Analysis of School Textbooks in the MENA Region

Tobias Ide, Abdulkhaleq Alwan, Khalil Bader, Noureddine Dougui, Maysoun Husseini, Elarbi Imad, Farouk Gaafar Abdel Hakim Marzouk, Amany M. Taha Moustafa, and Riem Spielhaus

This article analyzes the geopolitical imaginations promoted via environmental education in the school textbooks of five states in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In doing so, it builds bridges between critical studies of education and political ecology. It shows that, when addressing environmental problems, the textbooks examined depoliticize environmental problems and sustain political and economic power structures. They do so by individualizing responsibility for environmental problems, legitimizing political and economic elites, associating environmental protection with wider societal goals, and externalizing environmental problems.

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Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Angeliki Gazi, Markéta Slavková, Jelena Ćuković, and Agnieszka Halemba

due to the ideologies still sustaining politics nowadays; for instance, the European Unionist political ideologies embraced by most parties in the South of Europe only hide the geopolitical inequalities between ‘centre’ and ‘periphery’; the Southern

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Making It Up

Intergenerational Activism and the Ethics of Empowering Girls

Emily Bent

mode of relationality” (2014: 103) that not only exposes institutional injustice but also sustains political resistance. Within intergenerational activist networks, an ethical empowerment of girls thus involves shared recognition of women and girls as

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Matthew Eshleman

offers little by way of sustained political theorizing or extended political commentary, a close reading reveals a series of sometimes incisive comments with political import. Sartre mentions the misery of a roofer subsisting under a bare minimum wage, i

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The Aesthetics and Publics of Testimony

Participation and Agency in Architectural Memorializations of the 1993 Solingen Arson Attack

Eray Çaylı

impaired and how this impairment might be overturned through sustained political work, then the question I explore is the following. How, if at all, might a heightened interest in the aesthetics of testimony benefit this political work? Specifically, how

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Michelle I. Gawerc and David S. Meyer

learning are the techniques that foster and sustain political engagements in social movements” ( Gamson 2005: 274 ). Over the years, Bill built two more major games, What's News and Global Justice Game , 6 and designed a teaching strategy based on

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Jews and Christians in Vichy France

New and Renewed Perspectives

Michael Sutton

cardinal archbishop of Lyon that we find the most striking tension or antinomy between an increasing refusal of antisemitism and a sustained political loyalty to Marshal Pétain. From L’Église de France face à la persécution des Juifs a picture of Gerlier