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Sustainable Forest Management

The Role of Government Agencies, NGOs, and Local Communities in Western Australia

Leonie van der Maesen and Timothy Cadman

This article details the engagement by the Department of Physical Geography of Utrecht University in the Netherlands with rural communities and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to assist them in gaining a better understanding of the environmental impacts of the management practices of the governmental forest authorities of the state of Western Australia in pursuit of international timber exports. The study commences with a description of the unique characteristics of WA’s forest communities. It continues with an account of governmental international forest policy norms and the discourse of sustainable forest management (SFM). This is followed by a delineation of the interactions between the academic community and civil society in their engagement with governmental departments in arguing the case for conservation. The final section makes some concluding observations on the lessons that can be learned from the failure of the state government to ensure the sustainable management of the forests of Western Australia.

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A Crystal Ball for Forests?

Analyzing the Social-Ecological Impacts of Forest Conservation and Management over the Long Term

Daniel C. Miller, Pushpendra Rana and Catherine Benson Wahlén


Citizens, governments, and donors are increasingly demanding better evidence on the effectiveness of development policies and programs. Efforts to ensure such accountability in the forest sector confront the challenge that the results may take years, even decades, to materialize, while forest-related interventions usually last only a short period. This article reviews the broad interdisciplinary literature assessing forest conservation and management impacts on biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and poverty alleviation in developing countries. It emphasizes the importance of indicators and identifies disconnects between a rapidly growing body of research based on quasi-experimental designs and studies taking a more critical, ethnographic approach. The article also highlights a relative lack of attention on longer-term impacts in both of these areas of scholarship. We conclude by exploring research frontiers in the assessment of the impacts of forest-related interventions with long incubation periods, notably the development of predictive proxy indicators (PPIs).

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T. Cadman . 2015 . “ Sustainable Forest Management: The Role of Government Agencies, NGOs, and Local Communities in Western Australia .” International Journal of Social Quality 5 ( 2 ): 46 – 62 Weiner , G. 2017 . “ The President’s Self

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Erland Mårald and Erik Westholm

values. This was the birth of the Swedish Forestry Model, which represented a compromise between productivist and environmental objectives. The image of the Swedish forest model as a roadmap for sustainable forest management spread around the world

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Toward Comprehensive Conceptualizations of Contemporary Public Health

Participation as the Cornerstone of Appropriate Methodologies

Harry Nijhuis

neoliberale participatie-samenleving ontrafeld [The social intervention state: The fable of the neoliberal participation society unraveled]. Apeldoorn : Garant . Van der Maesen , L. , and T. Cadman . 2015 . “ Sustainable Forest Management: The Role of

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Ariela Zycherman

Forest Management in Brazil: A Historical Analysis .” The Journal of Environment & Development 18 , no. 2 : 130 – 153 , doi: 10.1177/1070496509333567 . Barreto , Paulo , Carlos Souza Jr. , Ruth Nogueron , Anthony Anderson , and Rodney

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Contradictions of Solidarity

Whiteness, Settler Coloniality, and the Mainstream Environmental Movement

Joe Curnow and Anjali Helferty

assert sustainable forest management, with environmentalists joining that campaign to protect “pristine wilderness” ( Braun 2002 ) from deforestation. This is one of the most cited examples of environmentalist-Indigenous solidarity, yet Nuu

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Victoria C. Ramenzoni and David Yoskowitz

Michael Meitner. 2005. “Using Multi-Criteria Analysis and Visualisation for Sustainable Forest Management Planning with Stakeholder Groups.” Forest Ecology and Management 207 (1–2): 171–187. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2004.10.032 . Sherrouse, Benson C