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Roland Littlewood

One hundred years after the publication of Totem and Taboo, Freud’s book is summarized, and its reception and current status noted.

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Liesa Rühlmann and Sarah McMonagle

closely connected to racism. This, however, is not a straightforward act, as ‘race’ is a taboo topic in public, political and academic discourses. According to Hund (2014) , the term is chiefly associated with National Socialism. Discourses on racism in

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A Totem and a Taboo

Germans and Jews Re-enacting Aspects of the Holocaust

Jeremy Schonfield

on another planet or in another age was, as will be seen, devastating to some German viewers. In order to defend themselves against the way the film had touched on a problematical, menacing and – as is suggested in the title of this article – taboo

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Women and Sexuality in Contemporary Iran

When HIV Meets Government Morality

Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi

In Iran, as in many countries worldwide, misinformation and ignorance of HIV/AIDS have encouraged a culture of secrecy and anonymity for those living with HIV. For many HIV-positive women, religious, political and economic pressures complicate their social status and access to health care. Moreover, they must contend with societal discrimination and stigmas associated with the condition. Adding nuance to contemporary studies on gender and sexuality in Iran, this report highlights the colourful narratives of a select group of HIV-positive mothers attending weekly wellness workshops in Tehran. Discussing issues of intimacy, modesty, motherhood and stigmatisation, this article explores one of Iran's expanding communities at risk of infection and the ways in which women with HIV negotiate the stigma of their condition in an Islamic Republic.

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

. Nothing brings that point home more surely than taking a close look at how attitudes toward sex between adults and children have changed over time. A sexual practice that is now regarded as contravening a universal moral taboo was regarded as normal within

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Lowry Martin

admired,” which is especially “surprising considering how taboo the topic has become in Arab and Muslim societies especially since the mid-nineteenth century. Homosexuality encounters severe repression in most Muslim-majority societies today” ( Amer 2014

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Maria Bucur

extremely important, in the lives of many women: sexual violence. Discussing sexual violence was a taboo topic under communism, and many women suppressed their traumatic memories of violence both seen and experienced. Yet accounts such as the one shared

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A Theory of ‘Animal Borders’

Thoughts and Practices toward Non-human Animals among the G|ui Hunter-Gatherers

Kazuyoshi Sugawara

only humans but also animals may be drunk. A steenbok wandering around in a moonlit night is interpreted as ‘being intoxicated with the moon’. (2) A peculiar situation where this verb is used concerns food taboo. In G|ui, the transitive verb ŋǃāã means

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Alexandra Senfft

order of silence on my mother and her five younger siblings – critical questions were taboo. Even today my grandfather is considered by some relatives to be a ‘good Nazi’. By signing deportation orders, he had a shared responsibility in the murder of the

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Minority Report

Perceptions and Realities of Black Men in Heterosexual Porn

Darryl L. Jones II

” (phone interview, September 2018). Other research has shown that many black men who engage in interracial sex do so because of the perceived taboo that has surrounded sexual relations between black men and White women in the United States for centuries