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Ottoman Conceptual History

Challenges and Prospects

Alp Eren Topal and Einar Wigen

sediments of meaning. 37 In doing so, we tie this to another key heuristic metaphor used by Koselleck, namely temporal layers ( Zeitschichten ). 38 Each period of fast-paced transformation created new semantic layers—expanding, transforming, or bifurcating

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Conceptual History and South Asian History

State of the Art

Max Stille

Indian historiography. They created an awareness of historical (de)formations of knowledge and temporal layers, for example, of precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial, and of social segmentation such as elite versus popular discourses. By thinking

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An Invitation for the Curious; Into Blumenberg's Lens Cabinet; The Historian and His Images

Luc Wodzicki, Marcos Guntin, and Kerstin Maria Pahl

researchers from neighboring disciplines. In fact, a first glimpse at the table of contents might confuse seasoned conceptual historians. They will find their Koselleckian classics ( Grundbegriff , Social History and Conceptual History, Temporal Layers

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From Morality to Psychology

Emotion Concepts in Urdu, 1870—1920

Margrit Pernau

layers of meanings that inflected the meanings the actors derived from their present-day experiences. The awareness of various temporal layers, in turn, has to be supplemented by equal attention to the multiple linguistic layers that were at play in the

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Wrestling with Shylock

Contemporary British Jewish Theatre and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

Jeanette R. Malkin and Eckart Voigts

briefly. This gesture is clearly intended to interconnect the ‘separate, discrete temporal layers’, 29 the fictional male Jewish stereotype Shylock to the twentieth-century non-fictional Holocaust survivor Ruth Posner/Sarah. The gaze is only queered here

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Transformation and Continuity in Urban Space

The Smartphone as a Companion to Digital Teaching and Learning Processes in Extracurricular Learning Settings

Julian Zimmermann, Julian Happes, and Nadja Bergis

involve various temporal layers and periods, lines of continuity and discontinuity (and the ability to process them in relation to memory politics), historical change, and, occasionally, phenomena of otherness and multiculturalism. By using the special

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Urgency and Imminence

The Politics of the Very Near Future

Andreas Bandak and Paul Anderson

). What can ethnography contribute to the questions and perspectives opened up by these critical perspectives? Scholars have used detailed ethnographic analysis to address how individuals experience and negotiate multiple temporal layers and configurations

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Unruly Landscapes of a Diasporic Return

Mobility and Memory in Michèle Rakotoson's Juillet au pays: Chroniques d'un retour à Madagascar (2007)

Anna-Leena Toivanen

different temporal layers of meaning that she attaches to the urban landscape: “I need to sort out what I have brought in me from Paris, what I see now, and what comes from my past. I need to wander in the city without a goal or aimlessly, rather.” 65 The

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Conceptual History of the Near East

The Sattelzeit as a Heuristic Tool for Interrogating the Formation of a Multilayered Modernity

Florian Zemmin and Henning Sievert

time as multilayered in a way that actually “defies periodization,” 36 as Helge Jordheim has shown: Koselleck developed his theory of multiple temporalities, organized in the form of temporal layers that have different origins and duration and move

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Can Koselleck Travel? Theory of History and the Problem of the Universal

Margrit Pernau

the continued presence of earlier temporal layers at any present moment, 28 and the contemporaneity of the non-contemporaneous. 29 We will leave the former for another occasion and focus on the latter here. The figure of the contemporaneity of the