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A General Introduction

Roxana Moroşanu and Felix Ringel

This collection of articles is about temporal agency. Through the notion of ‘time-tricking’, we propose to reconsider how human beings relate to the temporal dimensions of their lives, and whether they are able to influence them. Time-tricking

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Can Time Be Tricked?

A Theoretical Introduction

Felix Ringel

gutted herring from the late 1980s. So here time has not done its work properly. The past lingers despite all incitements to move on. Is the instructors’ morning airing procedure the same kind of time-tricking, the same kind of modifying, managing

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For a New Materialist Analytics of Time

Laura Bear

more generally, provide rich resources for such a project. In particular, the concept of ‘time-tricking’ reveals much about the ethics and experience of the future associated with secular, capitalist or ‘modern’ time. There is an interesting disjuncture

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Crafting Future Selves

Time-Tricking and the Limits of Temporal Play in Children’s Online Film-Making

Espen Helgesen

.: 487). Play is not a matter of simply responding to a pre-existing, dominant time. Instead, temporal play, understood as practices whereby time itself is objectified and manipulated through ‘time-tricking’, offers a lens through which we can understand

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Edited by Maryon McDonald

‘assemblages of liveability’. This article is provocative, giving new shape and attention to some difficult problems. The Special Section that follows focuses on temporal agency and does so in a new way through the idea of ‘time-tricking’. This collection of

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‘Time Is Like a Soup’

Boat Time and the Temporal Experience of London’s Liveaboard Boaters

Ben Bowles

shaped by and sympathetic to the material conditions of boat-dwelling. This is a form of ‘time-tricking’, by which I and the other contributors to this Special Section mean ways in which people modify, bend, distort and creatively explore dominant

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‘But Isn’t It the Baby that Decides When It Will Be Born?’

Temporality and Women’s Embodied Experiences of Giving Birth

Joanna White

women’s bodies are embedded within definitions of normative gestation and labour in the maternal health system – in which a form of ‘time-tricking’ is undertaken by interventions such as labour induction – and women’s responses to this. In the following

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Making Multitemporality with Houses

Time Trickery, Ethical Practice and Energy Demand in Postcolonial Britain

Roxana Moroşanu

remnants of the past in order to make room for a process of renewal can be regarded as a form of ‘time-tricking’ – that is, of acting upon existing temporal frameworks – directed towards speeding up the emergence of a hoped-for future of innovative change

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Stretching Money to Pay the Bills

Temporal Modalities and Relational Practices of ‘Getting By’ in the Greek Economic Crisis

Andreas Streinzer

-enabled management of the household budget smoothed the effects of these time constraints for the grandparental generation. Conclusion: Tricking Time as a Relational Practice in/of Time In this article, I have approached the question of ‘time-tricking’ as temporal

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Daniel M. Knight

time-tricking’ theme to demonstrate just how messy an ethnography of time can be. On the one hand, my research participants describe being thrown back in time to previous eras of poverty and suffering. On the other, they discuss the present as an