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A World of Touch in a No-Touch Pandemic

Living with Dementia in a Care Facility during COVID-19

Cristina Douglas

touch her shoulder. She turns her head to me, welcoming me with her smile. Sometimes Rusty, the therapet, joins our conversation. He greets us with his wet, curious nose, nibbling on some forgotten crumbs lying in Jean's lap. Jean bursts into laughter

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On the Touch-Event

Theopolitical Encounters

Valentina Napolitano

If one googles the word ‘touch-event’, what comes up is a definition of a keyword in the Java programming language—TouchEvent—that governs the interface between a given piece of software and a user's contact with a piece of touch

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For a Synaesthetics of Seeing

Naisargi N. Dave

and touch. They even forget who they are. But in the end, they hear you. ’ And so Ward ends, not with the disciplined staying-put, but in the surround – the memory not of a sight, but of a voice: ‘I hear you say: We here ’. The poet Ocean Vuong

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Childbirth during the COVID-19 Pandemic

An Analysis of Fødselen [The birth] by Norwegian Cartoonist, Blogger, and Nurse Hanne Monge Sigbjørnsen

Adriana Margareta Dancus

clinical and affective touch in obstetrics and the importance of affective touch in reassuring pregnant women and validating their pain. Tegnehanne and Contemporary Norwegian Comics: Historical Roots and Feminist Activism A decisive trend in comic art

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"Ceremonies of Renewal"

Visits, Relationships, and Healing in the Museum Space

Laura Peers

Access to heritage objects in museum collections can play an important role in healing from colonial trauma for indigenous groups by facilitating strengthened connections to heritage, to ancestors, to kin and community members in the present, and to identity. This article analyzes how touch and other forms of sensory engagement with five historic Blackfoot shirts enabled Blackfoot people to address historical traumas and to engage in ‘ceremonies of renewal’, in which knowledge, relationships, and identity are strengthened and made the basis of well-being in the present. The project, which was a museum loan and exhibition with handling sessions before the shirts were placed on displays, implies the obligation of museums to provide culturally relevant forms of access to heritage objects for indigenous communities.

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Sight and Touch between East and West

Ethics, Ethnography and Social Theory

Liene Ozolina

cost. Josipovici is talking about embodiment here, about the kind of knowing of the world that is obtained through touch and through presence. In his book Touch (1996), he writes about the understanding that arises out of sharing the same world

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Real Women Aren't Shiny (or Plastic)

The Adolescent Female Body in YA Fantasy

Leah Phillips

In this article I explore how mythopoeic Young Adult (YA) fantasy offers examples of living and being an adolescent female body that challenge the dominant, hegemonic discourses dictating the adolescent girl's appearance in the West's imagesaturated culture. I begin by establishing the features of mythopoeic YA fantasy, before looking at Daine in Tamora Pierce's Immortals quartet and Cinder(ella) in Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles. Daine's shape-shifting body and Cinder's cybernetic one offer bodily change as an integral part of the (adolescent female) body, as opposed to the fixed perfection required by the fantasy femininity on offer in popular culture, including print, televisual, and social media. Employing a reading of touch in order to explore the multiplicity that is available on, and through, these bodies, I question the representational economy dominating the hegemonic discursive construction of the adolescent girl.

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Haptic Mediations

Intergenerational Kinship in the Time of COVID-19

Bob Simpson

, etc.’. Advice by local authorities, the NHS (National Health Service) and support organisations such as Age UK and Dementia UK all emphasises the importance of – and the metaphor is worthy of note – ‘keeping in touch’, and there is widespread advocacy

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Between the Lines

Communication with People with Dementia in Creative Movement Sessions

Elisabeth Zeindlinger

This article explores the various ways of communicating with people with dementia during dance sessions and how creative movement can support people to create meaning in the moment. The following did not originate in conventional research but is a reflection on my work as a dancer in healthcare. I took notes about my observations for my own development. After some time I felt the need to dig deeper and search for theories affiliated to my thoughts and find out more about dementia.