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Whose Club Is It Anyway?: The Problematic of Trans Representation in Mainstream Films——“Rayon” and Dallas Buyers Club

Akkadia Ford

contemporary films that have narrative treatments of trans themes and lives, it becomes apparent that due to the hetero-normativity of the film classifications (ratings) processes, the hegemonic positioning of Hollywood in relation to general audiences, and the

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Redefining Representation

Black Trans and Queer Women’s Digital Media Production

Moya Bailey

In an online video chat with other trans women who had read her memoir, writer and trans advocate Janet Mock discussed her decision to call her book Redefining Realness: My Journey to Womanhood . She says, “I felt like I needed an action, so

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Trans* Joy as Resistance

Possessor, Tangerine, and Affective Trans* Embodiment under Capitalism

Saturn Sigourney Rage

The trans* 1 body is an inconvenient body. My trans* body is an inconvenient body. My inconvenience is something I carry with me, in every space that I inhabit. I cannot shed this inconvenience, whether it be that I medicalize my body

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Trans-temporal Hinges

Reflections on an Ethnographic Study of Chinese Infrastructural Projects in Mozambique and Mongolia

Morten Axel Pedersen and Morten Nielsen

Based on two case studies of Chinese infrastructural interventions in Mozambique and in Mongolia, this article introduces the notion of 'trans-temporal hinge' as a heuristic methodological concept that brings together phenomena and events otherwise distributed across time. The authors explore envelopes used when paying Mozambican workers at a construction site in Maputo and roads dividing Chinese oil workers and local nomads in southern and eastern Mongolia as concrete manifestations of trans-temporal hinges. In exploring the temporal properties of these phenomena, we define the trans-temporal hinge as a gathering point in which different temporalities are momentarily assembled. As an analytical scale derived from a specific ethnographic context, we argue that the trans-temporal hinge provides a novel and, quite literally, timely conceptual invention compared with other recent methods of anthropological knowledge production, such as multi-sited fieldwork.

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Toxic Representation and the Politics of Care for Antiracist Queer and Trans History

Jess Dorrance

and trans subjects becoming images and to consider the ways in which we might care for these images in the archives of history. 2 From Saidiya Hartman (1997 , 2019 ) to José Esteban Muñoz (2009) , Carolyn Dinshaw (1999) , and many others

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Bodily Experience and Visual Metaphor in Two Swedish Trans Graphic Narratives

Nina Ernst

The Swedish trans activist Maria Ramnehill writes in her manifesto ‘Kön sitter i betraktarens ögon’ [Gender is in the eye of the beholder]. She asserts that the way people are read determines the way they are treated by society. 1 Trans bodies

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Chinese Trans Women in Japan and Their Embodied Search for Gender Identity in the Online–Offline Continuum

Xinyu Promio Wang

everyday online and offline lived experiences of Chinese trans women in Japan so as to see how they interpret and perform their gender identities. In particular, I explore the way their understanding and performance of gender identity are mutually shaped by

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The Canadian Pacific Railway as a model for the Trans-Siberian Railway

J.L. Black

In the debates surrounding the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway was used as a model. This article traces how eyewitness accounts of Canadian settlement patterns were used by Russian entrepreneurs to argue the case for the financing and organisation of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Given the tense international political climate at the end of the 19th century, the Trans-Siberian also became a focus for imperial rivalry. This article gives a good overview of comparative colonial enterprise in two great continental colonies.

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Brazilian Trans Artivism, Comics and Communities, between Digital and Print

The Cases of Pequenas felicidades trans and Transistorizada

Nicoletta Mandolini and Giorgio Busi Rizzi

. The most notable exception to this pattern is Laerte Coutinho, who, after a long-standing career as satirical cartoonist, came out as a trans woman in 2010. Laerte's coming out coincided with a turn in her own comics production, as confirmed by the

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(Trans)National X-Factor

Patrick Stewart, Britishness and the Promotion of X-Men

Rayna Denison

The terrain and identity of the blockbuster, particularly the subset represented by X-Men, are among the least mapped and consequently misunderstood of Hollywood phenomena. Though the entertainment media deploy the term blockbuster without difficulty across almost every genre of film, academically the term has been more elusive. Previous to Julian Stringer's edited collection Movie Blockbusters, the blockbuster had usually been conceived as an unproblematically American phenomenon. Stringer's attempt to map the blockbuster's terrain usefully brings in the notion of nationality, which will form the focus of this analysis. However, it also begs an explanation of the blockbuster as it will be understood here. This discussion will use John Tomlinson's formulation of globalisation as complex connectivity as the basis for a more flexible framework within which to view the blockbuster film. Thus this article will seek to make sense of the flows of culture represented in X-Men, not as emanating from a central 'American' locus, but rather as shifting around what David Morley and Kevin Robins would term a global-local nexus. In this way the transnational and the national will both be shown to play a role in dispersing elements of films (and indeed this might be extended to other 'global' products) to the maximum number of potential audiences worldwide.