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Sartrean Self-Consciousness and the Principle of Identity

Sartre’s Implicit Argument for the Non-Self-Identity of the Subject

Maiya Jordan

distinction as readily as I can make a distinction between my perception and my perceptual object.) Moreover, the iterative theorist will claim that the translucency of pre-reflection guarantees that E and my consciousness (of) E are as discrete as they are

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Šahrzâd and Šahrbâz

A Story Illustrated in Signs

Elham Etemadi

Figure 3 . Figure 3 is roughly 15.7 by 7.2 centimetres. It displays a man and a half-naked woman 17 in coitus on a bed with a translucent canopy that covers both figures. The room they are in is open at least on one side; a curtain covers half of the

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Othello in Oman

Aḥmad al-Izkī’s Fusion of Shakespeare and Classical Arab Epic

Katherine Hennessey

suspect Desdemona and Cassio. His aim, as he explains in an aside, is to provoke Antar to kill Othello, thereby leaving Desdemona free for him to claim. Iago, Antar and Desdemona act the first part of this scene in front of a translucent screen, which is

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Ka-Kin Cheuk

and Surabjeet, which was where I had interviewed these two Sikhs a year previously. This time I saw no one through the translucent office door, but heard a man speaking Punjabi loudly from a room inside the gleaming office. Wondering whether it was

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Creating a Significant Community

Religious Engagements in the Film Ha-Mashgihim (God’s Neighbors)

Merav Alush-Levron

that lies at its foundation. But as Asad analyzes, following Margaret Canovan’s metaphor of “a garden in a jungle,” this doctrine applies a “translucent” violence in the cultivation of enlightenment that is the “violence of universalizing reason itself

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Sheila K. Hoffman, Sarita Sundar, Masaaki Morishita, Fabien Van Geert and Sharon Ann Holt

. Crystalline forms, some filled with translucent blue and gold fluids, cluster around a 3-D printed diaphanous canopy. The colors are inspired by the museum’s Fra Angelico, “The Death and the Assumption of the Virgin,” where the blue and gold form a tapestry of

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Forcing Things Together That Are Normally Kept Apart

Public Health Knowledge and Smoking Practice

Simone J. Dennis

spaces are also different times. The hearth connotes the here-and-now, the at-hand present. The air is the prospective past, a kind of translucent temporal sink in which our effluents can be not only à perte de vue , but also à perte de mémoire , lost

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Nick Underwood

bob, is seated on a round, wooden stool with the Vaporex apparatus at her feet. Her head pops out from above the cone-shaped covering (illustrated translucently in the ad) used to hold in the steam. Although the ad shows a woman not wearing a shirt, if

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Media Ecologies of Autonomous Automobility

Gendered and Racial Dimensions of Future Concept Cars

Julia M. Hildebrand and Mimi Sheller

—takes up feminine roles of daily domestic organization and planning displayed by the translucent screens of the “smart” home. The image of a young Asian woman briefly flickers on his schedule projection. A full shot of the car immediately follows, visually

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Steven J. Hoffman, Fanny Wonu Veys, Joseph P Feldman, Natasha Barrett, Elsa Lenz Kothe, Antonino Crisà, Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Masaaki Morishita and Ewa Klekot

painted relief, while the face and hands have a lighter, translucent treatment. This material and symbolic indexical layering makes the subject appear luminescent, although two-dimensional. The significance of this could have been explained by