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A Kingdom for a Mirth

Shakespeare’s ‘Fatal Cleopatra’ and the Worm’s Turn

Roger Stritmatter and Shelly Maycock

This article offers a reading of the famously problematic scene 5.2 of Antony and Cleopatra, in which Cleopatra prepares to meet her death by the bite of the ‘worm’ (5.2.233–290). In this scene, and this scene alone, the Egyptian asp is called by the Anglo-Saxon term ‘worm’ nine times. Repetition, suggests Frankie Rubinstein, may in Shakespeare be a sign of a pun. Samuel Johnson characterised the homophonic resonance of punning as ‘Shakespeare’s Fatal Cleopatra’, but Rubinstein insists that for Shakespeare ‘“reason, propriety, and truth” were not sacrificed by the Shakespearean “quibble” but emerge from it’. In Antony and Cleopatra, punning is one key linguistic expression of the play’s entwinement with the principles of alchemical transmutation and preference for ‘becoming’ in the ancient dichotomy between being and becoming. As Richard Whalen first proposed in 1991, the ninefold iteration of ‘worm’ in the scene may be a pun on an Aristocratic French name, since the word ‘worm’ in French is Ver.

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Marit Brendbekken

This essay concerns the paradoxes emerging in the dynamic space of hybridisation between vodou magic2 and the occult science of anthroposophy. These lived imaginaries and registers of interpretation are engaged within countermodernising environmental discourses and practices in the Dominican-Haitian borderlands. Here NGO-affiliated European anthroposophists, orientated by the work of Rudolf Steiner,3 are organising a biodynamic programme in co-operation with marginalised Dominican and Haitian borderlands peasants who live the consequences of radical deforestation. These peasants have for long been subjugated to the often violent dictates of post-colonial ruling élites, and their world of vodou spirits is itself the creation of ‘resistant accommodation’ to the forces of modernity/coloniality and their post-colonial transmutations.

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Lockdown and the Global Disruption of Intimacies with Routine, Clock Time, and the Intensification of Time-Space Compression

Rebecca Irons

Quarantime, it has ‘transmuted’ ( Blanco Esmoris 2020 ) into a time prison of temporalities without spaces and into ambient intimacies without cessation. And this new reality has consequences. Outside of Quarantime, it has already been observed how time

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Comics and Transnational Exchanges

Lawrence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

transmuted into the saccharine ingredients of Disney films but rather as they occur in their darker European originals. This is, though, a fairy tale that functions as a satire, and Sacerdoti analyses Rosenthal's use of stock comedy types, the alazon, or fool

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Not Lost but Found

Rebuilding Relations and Reclaiming Indigenous Food Systems

Keitlyn Alcantara

this same conclusion globally. In the Congo River Basin, La Cerva traces the transmutation of bushmeat from “the glue that bound [Twa] society together” (122) to a fetishized and commodified product, the excessive hunting of which destroys the very

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Sectarianism and Recognition in Iraq

From Consociationalism to Deliberation?

Nicolas Pirsoul

terrorism. In other cases, the demand for recognition can take a completely opposite direction and turn itself into, second, a transmutation of identities, which leads to a process of “depoliticization of identities” by creating a “fictive ethnicity

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Sonya Atalay, Nika Collison Jisgang, Te Herekiekie Herewini, Eric Hollinger, Michelle Horwood, Robert W. Preucel, Anthony Shelton, and Paul Tapsell

Edited by Jennifer Shannon

strategy to transmute negative relations into mutually beneficial ones. It is also a necessary part of restorative justice. A museum’s commitment to repatriation is a measure of its ethical integrity, an expression of its ethos, and, in Canada, an essential

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Pandemic Passages

An Anthropological Account of Life and Liminality during COVID-19

Genevieve Bell

, as well as ideas about voyeurism, danger and privacy, national celebrations, personal rituals and religious practices have been transformed and transmuted. Intermediation and Services: Ideas about Managing the Seams and Transitions Transitions

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Khaled Furani

) and mankind a ‘transcendent object’, wherein definitive happiness resides, as it does for Boas, is a means of transmuting theology into anthropology. Boas’s students reveal the various ways this bequest became manifest in their own work. Alfred Kroeber

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Collecting and Memory

A Study of Travel Archives

Lee Arnold and Thomas van der Walt

distinctions once it is transmuted into the new understanding of the modernist rationale. ( Pearce 1995: 151 ). Collections are not an end all to themselves. Pearce looks ahead to the users of collections who will reinterpret them (1995). Playwright and