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The Rhizomatic Algerian Revolution in Three Twenty-First- Century Transnational Documentaries

Algérie tours, détours (2006), La Chine est encore loin (2009), Fidaï (2012)

Nicole Beth Wallenbrock

times reenacts his murderous activities in the name of the FLN, even revisiting the prison in which he was held in France. The adjective transnational—which applies to all three films, because of the involvement of both Algeria and France either

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Beyond (and Before) the Transnational Turn

Recovering Civil Disobedience as Decolonizing Praxis

Erin Pineda

Civil Disobedience and the Transnational Turn Can civil disobedience be transnationalized? This is the urgent question posed by scholars about the current landscape of grassroots dissent, as people across the globe confront poverty, violence

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Contradictory Discourses of Protection and Control in Transnational Asylum Law

Carol Bohmer and Amy Shuman

For immigration authorities, the goal of asylum hearings is to differentiate between economic migrants and legitimate political asylum seekers. However, in the stories asylum seekers tell, these categories often blur. Nevertheless, the asylum process uses this differentiation to conceal inequities in the system, and to justify denials. This article examines political asylum as a transnational and culturally local process and argues that contradictions between protection and control underlie some of the seemingly absurd denials of asylum applications.

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Local protest and transnational Catholicism in Brazil

Marjo de Theije

Based on research in Brazil, the author discusses three local situations of conflict and social protest, using a transnational perspective. She concentrates on the use of universal claims of Catholicism in local negotiations of religious change under the influence of different cultural campaigns. The clashes in question are divided into those involving local political problems and those concerning the religious domain itself. The analysis shows that in each of the cases—albeit with different intensity and outcome—the interconnection between translocal processes and the meaning and experience of locality has a significant role in the power plays and the formulations of religious or social protest in the local context.

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Toward Transnationalism

A Reading of Life of Pi

Supriya Agarwal

. In fact, history does not speak of the idea of nationhood as an inherent attribute of humanity; it is rather a modern notion, and Martel, in many ways breaking this theoretical construction, is moving toward the thought of transnationalism. I have

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Disabled Girlhood and Flexible Exceptionalism in HBO’s Miss You Can Do It

Anastasia Todd

Southern Ukraine, to transnational adoptee, to all-American daughter, is at once a literal as well as a symbolic enfoldment of disabled subjectivity into the national imaginary. I illustrate how her enfolding is premised on her affective labor, which

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International Cooperation, Transnational Circulation

Escape, Evasion, and Resistance in France, 1940–1945

Valerie Deacon

Belgium, France, or the Netherlands. From enlisting in the air forces to training, running missions, evading capture in Europe, and returning to England, their stories represent some of the clearest transnational trajectories of the Second World War. Men

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Transnational Human Rights Litigation

A Means of Obtaining Effective Remedy Abroad?

Angela Lindt

Corporate impunity for human rights violations is increasingly questioned, contested, and opposed. Transnational corporations (TNCs) can no longer be sure that crimes they commit will remain unobserved, even when they occur in connection with the

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The Palestinians, Israel, and BDS

Strategies and Struggles in Wars of Position

Ian S. Lustick and Nathaniel Shils

incontrovertibly entangled. Evoking a strong response from its target is an important step for a transnational boycott movement in gaining political traction, and BDS activists have been well attuned to Israeli responses to their efforts. In this article, we

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Toward a Definition of Transnational Girlhood

Catherine Vanner

Introduction In this article, I work with the term transnational girlhood to contribute to a dialogue about its definition and value for girls and adults working with girls. Dialogue about what constitutes transnational feminism has defined