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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

travel is motivated by social, economic, and political reasons, holy or religious/Islamic concerns, or inevitably mixed reasons—a combination of profane and sacred rationales. Lastly, it also scrutinizes the transnational and local significance of rihla

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Tracey Reimann-Dawe

analysis of the works of three preunification Afrikareisende, Heinrich Barth, Gerhard Rohlfs, and Gustav Nachtigal, demonstrates that the perception and relevance of time while traveling, and the engagement with cultures that adhere to different forms of

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Collecting and Memory

A Study of Travel Archives

Lee Arnold and Thomas van der Walt

People’s travel collections serve as a memory aid to help them write travelogues, novels, or scientific reports when they return home. They may also just have been a way to document a voyage or journey for future generations. Or it could

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At the Threshold to the New World

Equator Crossings, Sunsets, and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques

Michael Bies

marked since the early sixteenth century by way of distinct ceremonies. In travel literature, however, the crossing has been represented in even more far-reaching ways. Here, not only are the rites of passage staged on board the ship described; in

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Travel Writers and Traveling Writers in Australasia

Responses to Travel Literatures and the Problem of Authenticity

Helen Bones

writing and traveling throughout the colonial world and The Law Bringers was the result of a two-year trip into the Yukon. If the reviewer had known of her well-researched but fleeting interaction with many of the places she described, would he (to make

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The Spectacular Traveling Woman

Australian and Canadian Visions of Women, Modernity, and Mobility between the Wars

Sarah Galletly

lacuna in the canonical literature of these two nations. Magazines regularly featured travel-related advertising and fiction, and thus offer a natural starting point to look for uncollected stories of this space. In “Trafficking Literature: Travel

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Travel and Transformation

A Diachronic Study of the Changing Concept of Weisheng in Chinese Journals, 1880-1930

Bo Hu

mainly on the notion of traveling concepts , this article highlights especially the transfer and transformation as a process, the initiating and resistant agents, their motivations as well as the role of public journals in the process. This article makes

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“We Are a Traveling People”

Tourism, Travel Journalism, and the Construction of a Modern National Identity in Sweden

Emilia Ljungberg

article about tourism. The article was titled “We Are a Traveling People,” and the main theme was an evaluation of the Swede as a traveler. In a humorous tone the journalist claimed that the Swede is a popular guest abroad who is not too stingy but who is

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Beyond the Glittering Golden Buddha Statues

Difference and Self-transformation through Buddhist Volunteer Tourism in Thailand

Brooke Schedneck

never be able to fully understand the meaning behind each of these details. But others feel lucky that they will be able to consider these deeper meanings by joining a Buddhist community and volunteering their time to teach English. Buddhist travel and

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Knowledge, Travel, and Embodied Thought

Restlessness in Herder’s Journal of My Voyage in the Year 1769

John K. Noyes

Herder’s Journal of 1769 as an Epistemological Experiment In a century that produced an unprecedented wealth of travel writing, and that circulated this writing to an unprecedented degree, few documents can match Johann Gottfried Herder