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Trespass into the Liminal

Urban Exploration in Estonia

Francisco Martínez and Patrick Laviolette

This article outlines narratives of trespass. It analyses relations between the personal and the social in abandoned urban physical surroundings. Grounded in our own duo-auto-ethnographic encounters with off-limit places, the research examines the classic notion of liminality through a set of prisms that are less than orthodox. It does so by stressing the formative and transformative possibilities of those threshold spaces that often get bypassed, surpassed or trespassed. Through a series of vignettes describing moments of urban exploration in different parts of Estonia, our implicit aim is to unsettle such conceptual categories as risk and adventure, material decay and transgression. Explicitly, we argue for revisiting storytelling tropes such as the flâneur or the stalker, freeing them up from their respective leisure and pastime associations.

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Misbehaving Women

Trespass and Honor in Late Medieval English Towns

Teresa Phipps

The courts of England’s medieval towns provide historians with a wealth of records that allow access to the heart of urban social relations and everyday life. Dominated by debt and trespass suits, these courts allowed wide access to local law and

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Infringing and trespassing plants

Patented seeds at dispute in Canada's courts

Birgit Müller

Patents on objects that have agency such as seeds pose new challenges for governance, raising fundamental questions of control and responsibility. In May 2004 the Supreme Court of Canada found the farmer Percy Schmeiser guilty of infringing the Monsanto patent on genetically modified canola, because he reseeded part of his canola harvest although he knew or ought to have known that it contained seeds of GM canola plants that had blown into his field. In May 2005, a group of organic farmers tried a legal procedure to get certification as a class against two biotechnology corporations Bayer CropScience and Monsanto for polluting their fields with GM canola. At stake are questions on the type of ownership that can be claimed over plants—and whether ownership can be claimed over a plant at the same time that liability for its reproduction is denied. The two court cases I discuss allow us to more closely see how genetically modified canola plants have become objects of contention among Western Canadian farmers, how they transformed the farmers’ daily work and relations between neighbors, and how they increased farmers’ dependency on agro-biotech corporations.

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Richard Godden, Hugh Underhill, Andrew Sant, Adrian Caesar, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, and Peter De Ville


Life Slips By A Lake’s Progress HUGH UNDERHILL


The Gift The Trespasser ADRIAN CAESAR


Surprise: St Paul’s PETER DE VILLE

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Danielle Brady

representation of the road to come was unrealized. For a time during the action, people breached the boundary signified by the temporary fencing. By placing their bodies in this trespass space, the protestors contested the right of Main Roads WA to clear it. For

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Patrick Cockburn

Introduction In a landmark case in 1971, judges in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales held that squatters accused of trespass could not defend themselves against the charge by arguing that they were driven to the act out of ‘necessity

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Interfaith Families

A Jewish Perspective

Edward van Voolen

theologically challenging, but ultimately very rewarding and inspiring. That does not mean it is diluted Judaism – it is just creating a new kind of very creative and personal ceremony, in which Jewish elements are echoed and create meaning, without trespassing

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‘My Waka Journey’

Introducing a New Co-Editor

Patrick Laviolette

.) ( 2009 ), ‘ Matter in Place ’, SITES: Social Anthropology & Cultural Studies 6 , no. 2 : 1 – 177 . 10.11157/sites-vol6iss2id125 Martínez , F. and P. Laviolette ( 2016 ), ‘ Trespass into the Liminal: Urban Exploration in Estonia

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The Democracy of Everyday Life in Disaster

Holding Our Lives in Their Hands

Nancy L. Rosenblum

and values we attach to life at home, in proximity to neighbors. The unique power neighbors hold over our lives is explained by that one word: home. There, ordinary vices and virtues are on display, mundane trespasses and kindnesses are inescapable

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Getting Medieval on Steven Pinker

Violence and Medieval England

Sara M. Butler

fabricated a suit for criminal trespass within Westminster, where the King’s Bench had criminal jurisdiction as the local court. Once the defendant was in prison, the fictitious suit was dropped altogether, and the accuser moved forward with a suit of debt