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Singularity and Uncertainty

Counter-Ethics of Gender and Sexuality in an Indian Dream Analysis

Sarah Pinto

. Artist Shahzia Sikander’s video installation Gopi Contagion made similar incursions for the next month, overtaking Times Square’s false skies with images of uncertainty – masses in loose coordination, strange stases of circular movement. In this and

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Uncertainty as a Driving Force for Geoscientific Development

Hendrik Paasche, Katja Paasche, and Peter Dietrich

number of data sets, a and b denote two different data sets, e quantifies aleatory uncertainty, E is the final decision, and P k are the personality traits of the k th member of the interpreting/decision-making group of human individuals. Note

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State of Uncertainty

Educating the First Railroaders in Central Sakha (Yakutiya)

Sigrid Irene Wentzel

opened. The delays generated a state of uncertainty in the community of Nizhniy Bestyakh, as individuals and institutions—such as the transportation college this article focuses on—were oriented toward the opening of that passenger connection in 2014

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Uncertainty, Risk, and Merit-Making

Tea Economy and Religious Practices in a Southern Yunnan Bulang Community

Zhen Ma

risks .” Both concepts, wealth and risk, therefore have to be examined together. Upon closer examination, risk-taking is not the only factor that makes the tea business tricky for Bulang people. There are also uncertainties embedded in the tea market

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Confronting Uncertainties in Pastoral Areas

Transforming Development from Control to Care

Ian Scoones

This article reflects on how pastoralists – livestock-keepers using extensive rangelands across the world – negotiate diverse uncertainties, emerging from high levels of variability and volatility of environmental, market and political factors

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Governing through Uncertainty

Experiences of Being a Refugee in Turkey as a Country for Temporary Asylum

Kristen Sarah Biehl

This article addresses the question of how to theorize the relation between uncertainty and governmentality with regard to displacement and its consequences. It explores the experiences of asylum seekers in Turkey and the bureaucratic processes of refugee status determination, local dispersal, and third country resettlement, illustrating two main points throughout. First, 'protracted uncertainty', characterized by indefinite waiting, limited knowledge, and unpredictable legal status, is a central element of the experience of being an asylum seeker in Turkey. Second, this uncertainty serves to demobilize, contain, and criminalize asylum seekers through the production of protracted uncertainty, which in turn is normalized as a necessity of bureaucracy and/or security. The article invites readers to question the governmentalities of asylum and border regimes that not only discipline refugees' everyday movements but also determine the uncertainty of 'refugeeness'.

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The Workings of Uncertainty

Interrogating Cases on Refugees in Sweden

Karin Norman

In this essay, two cases are constructed in order to highlight the seemingly distinct yet intertwined problems of how realities shape the construction of a case and how the constitution of a field in time and space, as well as experiences of fieldwork, contribute to the formation of a case. The ethnographic material described concerns two different social realities of Kosovo Albanian refugees in Sweden and their confrontation with Swedish bureaucracy and the uncertainties to which this gives rise, both for the refugees and the anthropologist. A main aim is to explore the blurred line between the apt illustration and the extended case in relation to processes of bureaucratization and, in turn, the implications such processes have for the way in which the field is circumscribed and conceptualized.

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A Call from Raqqa

Reconfiguring Future Imaginaries in Forced Displacement

Lana Askari

escalations ( Højer et al. 2018 ), I point to how people in forced displacement constantly have to reconfigure their (political) selves and consolidate their lives in displacement by navigating uncertainty. One way of navigating these uncertainties is to

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Infrastructures of Certainty and Doubt

Matthew Carey and Morten Axel Pedersen

Debates surrounding notions of certainty and conviction and, conversely, of doubt, uncertainty and opacity have proved to be some of the liveliest and most anthropologically productive of recent years. The contention that a kernel of

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Museums and the Pandemic, One Year On

Some Reflections on Academic Resilience

Joanna Cobley

way through uncertainty and rapid change (2019). In addition, the academic development literature examined shows how communities of practitioners prove critical to fostering researcher development; they stimulate ideas, offer peer-to-peer support, and