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Undocumented People (En)Counter Border Policing

Near and Far from the US Border

Denise Brennan

Whether living along the border or deep within the US interior, undocumented people know that their lives could be upended by a traffic stop or by employers, landlords, or partners blowing the whistle on their legal status. The border may not

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Steve Kwok-Leung Chan

-surplus nation. More than three million Burmese work in Thailand. The vast majority is unskilled workers, and about two-thirds of them are undocumented and smuggled. The material differences between Myanmar and Thailand, including the lack of employment

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Immigrant Sanctuary or Danger

Health Care and Hospitals in the United States

Beatrix Hoffman

. In response to this and other cases in which undocumented immigrants were detained while seeking health care, two physicians and an ACLU attorney published a piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association calling for “sanctuary hospitals

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Holly Hansen-Thomas and Ludovic A. Sourdot

This article examines the severe educational crisis in the United States regarding the ability of institutions of higher education to recruit, retain and appropriately serve Latin@ English Language Learners (ELLs). In particular, it highlights the plight of undocumented ELLs who attend U.S. high schools and universities, but cannot work upon leaving higher education. This case study aims to describe the story, challenges and successes of one undocumented college graduate. In this study the authors show how cracks in the academic pipeline negatively affect Latin@ ELLs. This article offers specific recommendations to mend these cracks and improve the education opportunities of immigrant ELLs.

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“Because There Are Young Women Behind Me”

Learning from the Testimonios of Young Undocumented Women Advocates

Carolina Silva

Introduction Undocumented youth have led a movement characterized by marches, sit-ins, and acts of civil disobedience for over a decade ( De la Torre and Germano 2014 ; Nicholls 2013 ). In the late 2000s, undocumented youth began coming out

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The temporality of illegality

Experiences of undocumented Latin American migrants in London

Ana Gutiérrez Garza

the building. Once there, we slowed down and she started sending text messages to her family and friends in order to warn them about the police in the area. She was particularly worried about her mother and daughter, who were undocumented. “They are

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Non- and dedocumenting citizens in Romania

Nonrecording as a civil boundary

Ioana Vrăbiescu

intersectionality in the analysis. The article is based on research conducted mostly from July to October 2015. Ethnographic data were gathered through semistructured interviews with four undocumented persons, three civil servants, and four nongovernmental

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Katrin Sieg

integration, however, I turn in the last part to narrative films. They tell stories in which refugees and undocumented migrants become part of European families. These stories put pressure on national (and European) border regimes through invoking universal

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Forced Immobility

Undocumented Migrants, Boats, Brussels, and Islands

Godfrey Baldacchino

spirit and letter of the origins of the word quarantine: quaranta, which means forty in Italian. 10 The migration “crisis” of Europe, with undocumented migrants crossing from North Africa and the Middle East into the European Union, has teamed up with

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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Refugee and Migration Studies

Lessons from Collaborative Research on Sanctuary in the Changing Times of Trump

Sara Vannini, Ricardo Gomez, Megan Carney, and Katharyne Mitchell

the DREAMers. 1 In 2017 President Trump rescinded DACA and asked Congress for alternative legislation, leaving almost one million undocumented youth to live in fear and legal limbo. Studying Sanctuary under Trump:Scholarship Keeping Up with