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The Urban and the Carceral

Steffen Jensen

What is the relationship between prison and, for instance, urban slums or ghettos? What does the prison wall signify and do to people living on either or both sides? Is the prison like the ghetto in terms of how both confine? Is the prison an

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Cultivating Civic Ecology

A Photovoice Study with Urban Gardeners in Lisbon, Portugal

Krista Harper and Ana Isabel Afonso

Introduction: Urban Gardens as ‘Communities of Practice’ in Building Civic Ecology Urban gardens are a form of self-provisioning, leisure and activist practice that is cropping up in cities around the world ( Mougeot 2010 ). There are several key

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Don Nonini

This article theorizes the urban commons in the case of the housing commons of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from the 1960s to the present. The making and unmaking of urban commons like housing in Amsterdam can only be understood if urban commons are

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Civil Society and Urban Agriculture in Europe

Mary P. Corcoran and Joëlle Salomon Cavin

This special issue is devoted to how European civil society, working from the ground up, helps to conceive, create, and cultivate diverse forms of urban agriculture (UA). The articles that form this special issue demonstrate an explicit concern with

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From Urban Agriculture to Urban Food

Food System Analysis Based on Interaction Between Research, Policy, and Society

Heidrun Moschitz, Jan Landert, Christian Schader, and Rebekka Frick

Urban Agriculture in the Urban Food System Urban agriculture practice involves a new way of thinking about food, including a critique of the predominant food system. It plays a major role in making food visible and can thus support a general

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Avoiding Poison

Congolese Refugees Seeking Cosmological Continuity in Urban Asylum

Georgina Ramsay

A 2012 estimate suggests that the number of urban refugees living in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, is at least 50,000 ( Omata 2012: 7 ). The decision to reside in Kampala, rather than a designated settlement, is often described as a

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Experiments in Excreta to Energy

Sustainability Science and Bio-Necro Collaboration in Urban Ghana

Brenda Chalfin

Introduction: internal energy frontiers and bio-necro collaborations in Ghana's city of Ashaiman A complex urban metabolism, the heart of Ghana's working-class city of Ashaiman pulses with the rapid movement of bodies, vehicles and goods

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Too much time

Changing conceptions of boredom, progress, and the future among young men in urban Ethiopia, 2003–2015

Daniel Mains

disjunctures between expectations and realities regarding shifts in young men’s social relationships. I begin by exploring the roots of young men’s expectations of progress, and the particular way progress was conceptualized in urban Ethiopia. Based on research

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The Vanishing Power Plant

Infrastructure and Ignorance in Peri-urban Ulaanbaatar

Morten Axel Pedersen

knowledge about this and other infrastructural projects in Mongolia feeds into dispossessed people’s dreams about and plans for the future. Indeed, I shall suggest, ignorance itself may be conceived of as an infrastructure in its own right in peri-urban

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Blood and the City

Animal Representations and Urban (Dis)orders during the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ in Istanbul and Khartoum

Alice Franck, Jean Gardin, and Olivier Givre

, and even if ḥalāl slaughtering is the norm (and raises no questions as such), sacrifice may be a point at issue, in terms of veterinary norms, public health, urban order, public religiosity and even animal suffering, as the Turkish case developed