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The racial fix

White currency in the gentrification of black and Latino Chicago

Jesse Mumm

Do they have to be white for the area to change? No. I’d like to say it’s more about economics. — Jane Carey What is gentrification? In gentrification studies, there are few universal laws ( Lees et al. 2010 ), but the popular sphere buzzes with

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Contradictions of Solidarity

Whiteness, Settler Coloniality, and the Mainstream Environmental Movement

Joe Curnow and Anjali Helferty

, though certainly not all, it has decentered white, settler approaches to environmentalism. Yet, even as these campaigns have grown and often thrived, the relationships are difficult to navigate as different ideas about the environment and its relationship

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Ceasing Fire and Seizing Time

LA Gang Tours and the White Control of Mobility

Sarah Sharma and Armonds R. Towns

not nod, stare, gesture, or emote. The men, however, stare at him intently as he drives by. Later that July, Armond passes through Pueblo del Rio again. This time he is on an air-conditioned tour bus with tinted windows and a busload of white tourists

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Magdalena Rodziewicz

gained popularity over the last few years. Specifically, it deals with the phenomenon of the ‘white marriages’ ( ezdevaj-e sefid/ezdevaj-e sepid ), a new form of male-female relationship that has recently gained popularity among Iranian youth. The author

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Resistance, Rebirth, and Redemption

The Rhetoric of White Supremacy in Post-Civil War Louisiana

Marek D. Steedman

Did white supremacists successfully appeal to a right of resistance in Louisiana in the 1870s? I argue that they did. White supremacists self-consciously defended their own actions within the framework of an Anglo-American discourse of resistance against tyrannical government, and they broadly succeeded in convincing fellow (white) citizens. Can we deny them the cover of legitimacy this tradition affords? We might suggest that a right to resist is rendered void by the fact that white supremacists were resisting constitutional democracy itself. I argue against this strategy (or, more precisely, for a right to resist constitutional democratic government), and suggest that the problem is not what white supremacists were fighting against. The right to resist is bound up with a defense of the just demands of the people, and this claim, as articulated by white supremacists, rests on decidedly shaky ground. Deciding the issue, however, is a matter of political contestation.

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The Nemesis of the Suburbs

Richard Turner and South African Liberalism

Steven Friedman

When he pointed the way out of the cul-de-sac of the white liberalism of the 1970s, Rick Turner directly inspired a radical politics, which reshaped white resistance in the 1970s. Revisiting his life and work offers an alternative to a similar dead

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Tamara L. Mix

Employing an interpretive content analysis of online forums, the author examines use of environmental themes by the United States white separatist movement in its efforts to seek legitimacy and garner a broad base of support. The contemporary white separatist movement draws upon latent National Socialist environmental discursive frames linked to history, spirituality, and stewardship. The lack of a specific position on the environment in the movement permits the manipulation of environmental themes to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Appeals to right wing environmental, population, and anti-environmental audiences include a discourse of environmental skepticism, concerns about immigration and overpopulation and discussion of rights to nature and land. Appeals to left wing and mainstream audiences involve expressions of environmental concern, preservation, stewardship, and rights of nature. A narrative of networking using environmentalism's broad appeal, perceived concerns regarding immigration and population growth, and similarities in racial characteristics was also evident.

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“There’s nothing makeup cannot do”

Women Beauty Vloggers’ Self-Representations, Transformations, and #thepowerofmakeup

Michele White

-presentations should be illegal, and that it is her fault that commenters have trust issues. As if in frustration over these conflicting instructions about how women are supposed to appear white, flawless, and without mediation, My Pale Skin cries and wipes off her

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The True Story of Gundagai’s Dog on the Tuckerbox

Tourists, Truth, and the Insouciance of Souvenirs

Richard White

progress, but also in reflecting back on the past. The printed souvenir program would usually contain a history of the town or district, often the first serious attempt to write a history. The first “white” child of the district would be honored; the

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Erick White

lay virtuosos that were interpreted by informants as Buddhist vocations of devotional piety in service to high, virtuous deities ( Ambos 2011 ; Holt 2004 ; Pinthongvijayakul 2015 ; White 2014 ). As modalities of spirit possession that drew deeply