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The Ethics of Yoga and the Spirit of Godmen

Neoliberalism, Competition, and Capitalism in India

Joseph S. Alter

contexts that problematize the relationship between competition and ascetic self-realization. This is particularly important when considering practices of embodiment where means and ends are deeply intertwined, such as yoga by which transcendence is

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Discourses, Bodies, and Questions of Sharedness in Kenya's Wellness Communities

Sarah M. Hillewaert

“They are just naturally like that, you know? If you don't have anything, you don't need to learn about detachment.” Jake sipped his foamy cappuccino before elaborating on the success of the community yoga project he had launched in a small

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Understanding the carbon monoxide threat in the South China Sea

Yoga Suharman, Sadewa Purba Sejati, and Iman Amirullah


This research aims to present carbon monoxide (CO) emissions trends from January 2019 to June 2021 in Southeast Asian waters and the South China Sea (SEA-SCS). Using securitization theory, the data obtained from geospatial analysis was the basis for constructing CO as a threat. The results showed high CO density in the region due to economic activities that caused pressure on the marine air environment. Unfortunately, this has not been explicitly discussed in regional maritime cooperation, even though the states and territories bordering these waters are increasingly vulnerable to climate change. This article argues that securitizing CO as a threat represents substantial progress in the environmental- political cooperation in the SCS and surrounding waters.


Esta investigación tuvo como objetivo presentar las tendencias de las emisiones de monóxido de carbono (CO) desde enero de 2019 hasta junio de 2021 en las aguas del sudeste asiático y el mar del Sur de China (SEA-SCS, por sus siglas en inglés). Utilizando la teoría de la securitización, los datos obtenidos del análisis geoespacial fueron la base para construir el CO como una amenaza. Los resultados mostraron una alta densidad de CO en la región debido a las actividades económicas que causaban presión sobre el medio ambiente aéreo marino. Desgraciadamente, esto no se ha debatido explícitamente en la cooperación marítima regional, a pesar de que los Estados y territorios ribereños de estas aguas son cada vez más vulnerables al cambio climático. Este estudio sostiene que la securitización del monóxido de carbono como una amenaza representa un avance sustancial en la cooperación medioambiental-política en el SCS y las aguas circundantes.


Cette recherche vise à présenter les tendances des émissions de monoxyde de carbone (CO) de janvier 2019 à juin 2021 dans les eaux de l'Asie du Sud-Est et de la mer de Chine méridionale (SEA-SCS). En utilisant la théorie de la sécurisation, les données obtenues à partir de l'analyse géospatiale ont servi de base à la construction de la menace représentée par le monoxyde de carbone. Les résultats ont montré une forte densité de monoxyde de carbone dans la région en raison des activités économiques qui ont exercé une pression sur l'environnement marin aérien. Malheureusement, cette question n'a pas été explicitement abordée dans le cadre de la coopération maritime régionale, alors que les États et territoires bordant ces eaux sont de plus en plus vulnérables au changement climatique. Cette étude soutient que la sécurisation du monoxyde de carbone en tant que menace représente un progrès substantiel dans la coopération politico-environnementale dans la mer de Chine méridionale et les eaux environnantes.

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Man, Interrupted

A Bodily Journey Toward Maleness

Tony Kemerly

the path of reflecting on the decades I have spent coming to feel, understand, and gain mastery over my body through training in the martial arts and yoga and the way that each of them have given me insights into the next step in understanding the

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Positioning yoga: balancing acts across cultures by Strauss, Sarah


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Responding to #yogabody on Instagram

Bilge Gölge

When the United Nations declared 21 June the International Day of Yoga in 2015, the Indian embassy organized an event to celebrate the first Yoga Day in the city where I lived. I, an occasional practitioner of yoga, was among the guests who

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The Incitement to Fieldwork

Ward Keeler

relate by way of example my experiences as an ethnographer in two very different settings: a Buddhist meditation retreat in Burma, and a men's naked yoga retreat in Texas. In the first case, I consider how deep-seated features of my own personality

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Book and Film Reviews

Valdis Tēraudkalns, Graham Harvey, Vera Lazzaretti, Nélia Dias, Rebecca Janzen, Amanda Lanzillo, Sandhya Fuchs, Zoë Slatoff, Karen O'Brien-Kop, Lu Liu, Marco Guglielmi, Elizabeth Coville, Aurora Donzelli, and Dana Rappoport

:// Suresh , Mayur . 2023 . Terror Trials: Life and Law in Delhi's Courts . New York : Fordham University Press . O'BRIEN-KOP, Karen, Rethinking ‘Classical Yoga’ and Buddhism: Meditation, Metaphors and

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Communities Reimagining Sharedness in Belief and Practice

Sarah Hillewaert and Chantal Tetreault

This special section grew, slowly, out of a somewhat spontaneous conversation we had about things we were “trying to make sense of” in our respective research sites—newly emerging yoga and wellness initiatives in Eastern Africa and a Jewish

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About the Cover

Andrew J. Ball and Aleksandr Rybin

on religious themes. I love images of Indian gods in yoga poses or fantasy landscapes. And in religious architecture there is always greatness and attention to detail, you can look at it for a very long time and constantly find new meanings or, as in